Monday, December 25, 2017

Doodled Friendship Zine

I've been hanging out a lot at YouTube and discovered "CraftyHodges" work. Love her colorful work, especially her "zines," so decided to try making my own. 

Since I don't have all the artwork that she has in her collection nor a working printer, I decided to doodle my own according to the way she taught how to fold and cut the "zine" (she's a good teacher!) Here's the directions to make one if you want to try it. 

Here's my water-colored one: 

And what it looks like folded as the zine. Front cover.
First spread. If you add double face tape or glue along the inside bottom edges and along the back of the folds, you can have pockets for extra goodies. On this spread, the first pocket opening is to the left and on the right page, it opens up at the top. 
Second spread. Pocket opening is upper right and on the right side of the spread, the pocket opens at the side. 

Third spread. Pocket opens on the left side and pocket opening is above "BFF."

 Back cover.

Hope you try it. It was really fun to make! 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Brace Bling

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with drop foot. My prescription was a steel brace attached to my  right shoe. I wondered how I could pretty it up, but didn't want to glue anything to the brace in case I got tired of it and then couldn't remove it.  So I saw these flowers at Pinterest and wondered if I had something here at home that would make something similar in my stash and yep, I did have something.  

I have no idea what I saved these pieces of Velcro from, but I measured the circumference of both my cane and my brace and I found two pieces that would work! 

If you want to make some Velcro pieces like mine,  overlap two pieces of Velcro about 3/4" inch so that the join is in the middle (mine have a stitched on tag board piece over the join which you don't have to have) with the loops on one side facing towards the back and the fabric that the loops attach to  faces towards the front. The whole length for the brace is 3 1/4" (inches) long and the piece for the cane is 4 1/2" (inches) long.  You can stitch or hot glue the Velcro pieces together. 

Next I found some flowers that were attached to wires.

I punched two holes in the cardboard with this teeny-tiny diameter hole punch . . .

and threaded the two wires through and pulled it tight. Then I twisted the wires closed and pushed them down into a spiral against the back of the Velcro strap, wrapped it around both my cane and brace to see how they fit and Viola! Almost instant bling! 

One flower. . . 

Or many! I could almost skip through a garden in these, don't you think? 😊

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Days 16-30: 30-Day-Coloring-Challenge

Continued from this post

Day 16/30-Day-Coloring-Challenge:
Stephanie Ackerman sent Week 39 Documented Faith Scripture today.
I added it to my scripture sheet and water-colored it. 
Next month, we will have a new theme word and new scriptures. 
BTW, I hang this sheet in my kitchen in a document sleeve with a wooden pants hanger until,
we move on to a new month.

Day 17: Hand-doodled and water-colored.
Inspired by Joanne Sharp.

Day 18: 

Day 19: Inspired by Stephanie Ackerman.

Day 20: Inspired by Mary Engelbreit.

Day 21: Inspired by a bit of Mary Engelbreit packaging.

Day 22: Inspired by Mary Engelbreit.

Day 23: Again, inspired by Mary Engelbreit.

Day 24: Inspired by Stephanie Ackerman

Day 25:

Day 26: Inspired by a piece of fabric.

Inspired by Mary Engelbreit.

Day 27: Inspired by Karin de Graff

Day 28: I liked my tea design so much, I had to repeat it and make a card to fit a business sized envelope. Karin de Graff in the Netherlands received the card and envelope recently and made a video opening it. So fun to watch! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Day 29:

Day 30:

Been taking some of Stephanie Ackerman's online workshops and this is my practice page for what she calls the "Daily 5" which I stamped according to her instruction. 

I also learned to carve a rubber stamp per Stephanie's instructions. After stamping it, I water-colored it.
This is the end of this post. Thank you for following along with me! 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Days 1-15: 30-Day-Coloring-Challenge

Kathy Racoosin's 30-Day-Coloring-Challenge

Day 1: One hand-doodled and water-colored stationary set inspired by

Day 2: One hand-doodled and water-colored stationary set again inspired by
Stephanie Ackerman.

Day 3: One hand-doodled and water-colored stationary sets inspired by
a Michael's flyer.

Day 4: Hand-stenciled and water-colored. 

Day 5: I know I'm a few days late, but life got in the way this time with illness in the family and other stuff.
I water-colored my Documented Faith scripture sheet today.
It hangs on one of our kitchen cabinet doors and I fill each square weekly with a scripture
that Stephanie Ackerman sends us. Our word of the month is "encourage."

Day 6: Thank you for liking my post! Here's 4 bookmarks that were inspired by 
Stephanie Ackerman. If you want to see details, click on the photo to enlarge it.

Day 7: Daughter of the King crowns, doodled and water-colored.

Day 8: Me bad! Been watching YouTube videos instead of coloring! 
But I did get inspired to water-color a couple of sheets as backgrounds, 
however, when I went to scan them last night, my computer decided I wasn't coming 
back and upgraded itself, so giving up, I went to bed. 
Here's what I made:
DAY 9: I'm usually the last to know the craft trends and as usual, 
I found out about Memorydex only two days ago,
which are similar to the rolodex cards that
I like along with artist trading cards.
Memorydex cards are a little bigger -- 4 inch x 4 inch square
(that's about 10 cm x 10 cm for you metric people out there)
which gives you more room to create on. So I water-colored a bunch more paper today
and then cut bases for the Memorydex cards from thin cereal boxes. 
I sheet of water-colored computer paper (I used the clean side of one-sided printed paper)
will give you four Memorydex and two atc size backgrounds. Punched holes in the bottom for my rolodex keeper and rounded the corners. Now to decorate. 
Oh, and tip for liquid glue -- squeeze glue near the edges and then spread in a pretty pattern in the center. After that, use a brayer to get the glue flat and remove most of the air bubbles. When the damp paper dries, it dries flat. 
DAY 10: 

DAY 11:

Inspired by Gudrun Sjoden

DAY 12:

DAY 13:

DAY 14: Inspired by Stephanie Ackerman.

DAY 15: Also inspired by Stephanie Ackerman. 

Day 16: continued here