Friday, April 3, 2020

My Positivity Journal 2020

Note: Playlist is set up like a series of chapters. Each month of my journal is a chapter. Click on the link and go to the chapter you haven't seen before to watch and click on it to begin the viewing. 

My therapist asked me to continue with the positivity journal. Since the last one became huge and deformed at the spine, I've decided to make a topsy-turvy journal in the bullet journal format. (Anybody remember the topsy-turvy dolls? I had one as a child very similar to this one.) Crafty Hodges on YouTube created her journals with one half of the year right side up and the second half of the year upside down and both halves met in the middle of the book. She said it prevented the journal from getting deformed like mine did. So I'm going to try it in a second composition notebook. 

Essentially a bullet journal is a homemade planner and a collection book of lists. The only planner part of mine is going to have a teeny tiny calendar and a list of gratitude's at the beginning of the "chapter" for each day of the month. I'm going to have similar things to what I collected in my positivity book last year - favorite things, good memories, quotes, and scriptures, but in addition to that, I'm adding 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" blocks of doodles (my requirement, not hers, as I only have so much space for images) as I will be following Marsha Baker's 365 Day Doodle Challenge all year long at the edges of the pages. The link will take you to Marsha's list of doodles if you want to follow along. 

I wanted to learn sketch-note doodling because I thought it would help organize the sermon notes I've been taking for the last couple of years, however, most of the sketch-note examples I've seen on Pinterest are what I call "messy." They are all over the page in a random fashion. Not exactly what I had in mind. As a person with ADD, I get anxious when I get lost in "messy," so I guess I need to find some layouts that I can compile in a hurry when writing down my Pastor's sermons. 

Also, since my journal will be flipped upside down, the envelope pockets in the last journal won't do, so I took some large mailers and cut them in half to make new pockets with flaps and then glued on solid cardstock and washi tape to pretty them up before gluing them to the inside back covers of the composition notebook.  The major theme of my whole book will be based on Mary Engelbreit, which as most of you know, is my favorite illustrator, so I will be using from my collection of ME paper items to decorate it, however, just so you know, I AM NOT cutting up any of my precious books (65 in my collection so far) to decorate the journal with. I'm using cards for the divider pages over scrapbook or gift wrapping paper and bits and bobs cut from packaging and other papers. 

Also, I wanted a bead charm to hang off the side, but if I hung it at the top, then when I flipped the book, it would be at the bottom of the book, but then I decided I didn't care until... the elastic string began to cut into the paper at the bottom of the notebook. My friend, Julie, who loves making books came to the rescue and suggested that I add the string at the middle of the spine, so I used my We R Memories Keeper Big Bite long arm punch to punch a hole and attach a flower eyelet to either side of the spine and then at the center of the signature, I used a pokey tool to punch holes through the paper to line up with the eyelets. I had to use a large eyed needle to thread the elastic through the holes to the center of the signature and tie that off. I cut the ends off about 2 inches or so and glued tiny punched hearts to the ends and added glue to the knot to strengthen it. It's down right cute now. 

JANUARY'S page themes are (an index is located on both halves at beginning of each section along with the color of the month - pink). Each circle tab will coordinate with the paper and I'm using a paper clip bookmark to indicate which month I'm currently on. 

JANUARY'S TITLE PAGE: is a Mary Engelbreit card front with quote glued to a piece of cherry scrapbook paper: "The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not Laughed." (Chamfort). At the end of each video, I will be showing you a card I made with my collection of Mary Engelbreit stamps. It's about time to put them to good use. smile! 

I'm going to continue adding the words from the journal that I'm willing to share to my gratitude blog here.

Click on the video tab at the top of this blog. It's a direct link to my YouTube channel so you can view the latest one. 

until next month, adios! 

P.S. When I uploaded my video to YouTube tonight, it was crisp and clear because I made the video at the recommended high definition. But I had difficulty with it after it was uploaded - sometimes the screen goes blurry. If you notice that, please contact YouTube about it. They may be working on bugs that I just haven't heard about yet. Another channel made a comment about that very thing on a video I watched recently, so I know it hasn't happened to only me. Thank you for watching my videos, reading this blog post, and going the extra mile by commenting! Blessings!

Update: Still don't know why the video blurs, but refreshing the video page helps to clear things up if you are determined to watch it! 

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I'm sharing a bit of myself with my church family by doodling coloring sheets with scripture on them every week. Here is how I display mine in my kitchen, in a document sleeve to keep it splash and jelly-proof, so that I can meditate on it while doing kitchen chores:
My therapist wanted me to share with somebody something I liked doing plus I was getting the same nudges from God to share too. I've learned a long time ago you can't win when arguing with God. smile! I didn't want to, cause this was something for me and it would be a lot of work. . . I thought of all these excuses why I didn't want to do it. But I gave up when I got the homework assignment from my doctor, so. . . I explained why I was doing this to my spiritual family, gave them permission to print off more if they needed to, and then I gave them some ideas of what to do with the coloring sheets. Here's some of the ideas I came up with. If you have another idea, please share down in the comments at the bottom of this post. 

1. One of my homeschool friends is printing off a coloring sheet for every child in her family to color while she has family devotions.
2. I take a clipboard, paper, a pencil box and crayons with me in a Mary Engelbreit tote-bag that another friend found for me at a thrift store when I go to the doctor or anyplace I have to wait. I either doodle or color. Come to find out, our associate pastor likes to color too and takes a coloring book and crayons with him when he has to wait somewhere. It makes the time go faster. Better than waiting for a pot to boil, so to speak. smile! 
3. Give a coloring sheet to a neighbor. Many adults as well as children like coloring therapy. One of the ladies in our church came to me last week, wanting a new copy of a previous week's sheet as she "messed one up" while watching a recent sports game on television. I've made extra copies in case that happened or if someone missed out on a previous week's copy because they were out of town or ill.  
4. Write a letter on the back and send it colored or uncolored to a pen-pal or a grandchild, etc. 
5. Collect them and make coloring books for someone as a Christmas gift. Since I gave them permission to make copies, they can make more than one. 
6. I also took extra copies with me to a monthly coloring club hosted by a local paper crafting store. One person took one sample sheet of all I had with me, but the other two ladies politely declined them, however, since they asked me how I have been (it's been a year since the last time I attended) I shared the good news about how God healed me from all the physical pain I experienced last year.  

So if you want a coloring sheet, you have to come to my church every week to get one. I have a station across from the pastor at the back door of the sanctuary after the service. His mother-in-law thought it would mess up the coloring sheet if we folded it and inserted it into a bulletin. smile!

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FEBRUARY's video has been uploaded without a hitch on YouTube and the words are up over at my gratitude blog. Did you know that YouTube has free music you can download from their website for use with your videos? I didn't until another YouTube friend told me about it.  So this month I chose "Grace Behind the Curtain" by Silent Partner to create my video with. Did learn that Microsoft's Video Editor App doesn't have any way to edit the background music length, so had to get creative and get some up-close shots to pad and fill in the video so that the music would end at the right place. Creating and editing a video is as much a creative process as doing the actual project like my positivity journal.  Thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe so that you'll know when my next video has been uploaded and click on the like button. 
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Everything has turned upside down in my world. We're in coronavirus lockdown. However, I know whatever happens, God is in control, working behind the scenes and I'm still alive! Thank you, Jesus!

One of March's highlights is that Mary Engelbreit is offering a FREE coloring sheet for us to color while we are at home. I have a smart printer which can resize the image from a letter size image to small enough for a card, so I printed two sizes. One is a coloring sheet for my positivity journal and the other is a "digital stamp" sized image for a card. The link to Mary's coloring sheet is in my "Classes & Events 2020" link list on the left side menu under Daisy.

Since we are socially distancing ourselves, but still meeting together via technology, my pastor has agreed to link my coloring sheet offering each week on our church's website. Please feel free to join us in worship and prayer via our corporate worship page. Link is also above under Events.

A great new coloring sheet idea! A girlfriend suggest that anyone could put two coloring sheets back to back with a piece of same size thin shirt board between them, laminate everything together and then give them as a gift to a child with a set of colored dry erase markers and a felt eraser or washcloth. 
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UPDATE (4/20/2020): I learned to do something new on my YouTube channel today! I added two playlists on the front page of my channel so that you can directly access my positivity journal and my doodle playlists without having to scroll through a bunch of other playlists under the playlist tab on the front page of my YouTube channel!  Hope it is helpful to you! 

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UPDATE (4/24/2020): Learned how to make linkie card devices for videos, so spent a few moments adding them to all my journal and doodle videos, however, if you don't see a link that you want, check the description box below the video. I still have some there as well. 

Also wanted to show you what coloring pencils I use. Since I'm frugal, I go for cheap, but not so cheap that you color with a canning wax stick  with barely any pigment in the pencil -- I've purchased some like that at dollar stores and had to throw them away. Buy a reliable brand. Prismacolor pencils are artist grade and expensive, I received some Fiber-castell for Christmas; heard Derwent is a good brand, but my everyday coloring is Crayola brand Twistable. The other set is from South Korea and they are like the Twistable's. Our homeschooling missionary friend sent the set to our son for Christmas one year. Her son and our son were pals here at home in the US. 

And I uploaded a video for Part Three of my Doodle Series this week. Please subscribe to get an email in your in-box to know when I upload a video. Be sure to click on "all". I found a book at Half-Price Bookstore that will be my next exercise in doodling scripture verses for Part Four called "Drawing in Black and White" by Deborah Velasquez. Never heard of her before, so this book should be interesting. I linked in her website up on the side menu. 

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April's Journal Video is done and uploaded to YouTube. Ran into a planning snafu - not all the stuff I wanted for a particular page came in through the mail, so I added a FUN substitute instead. One of the pages has tidbits of about half my washi tape collection!  Amazing how rolls of pretty tissue tape give such pleasure to paper crafters! And I couldn't find my ATC's that I was going feature in this month's video either, so I substituted again with some Mary Engelbreit coloring sheets I had colored in for 3-ring-binder's monthly dividers. Mine came from a coloring book that I received for Christmas, but Mary is offering some coloring sheets for FREE here

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May's Journal video is up and rolling finally. Sometimes this is what happens in blog & YouTube land. You are working on something and you have it almost done and you are working on getting the voice over and music in and SOMEBODY bumps the desk and POOF! off into cyberspace everything goes! I was so NOT HAPPY! 

But then, I started over, even though I was NOT feeling it and I pushed through it, so it is DONE and uploaded to YouTube. I even have toe-tapping music from YouTube's free music library that accompanies the video. The music is what made it for me this time. I was telling a girlfriend that I try to learn something new about how to create a show and tell video, but I still have to work with the technology I can afford and stretch it to the max. 

YouTube has been asking me if anybody has been getting the notifications in their email in-box when I upload a video. Since nobody has said anything to me about it except one person, I wanted to make sure you knew that if you subscribe, but don't set the subscriber level, you won't get any notifications that I have uploaded a new video in your email in-box. You must click the top bell in order to get those, otherwise, you might only once in a great while see my video in your news feed. 

Also the Dylusions mushroom rubber stamp and Mary Engelbreit stamps I ordered from Rubber Moon finally came in and I created a similar Tunnel card design like Jennifer McGuire. And I also showcased some artist trading cards. 

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JUNE's video is up on YouTube now! I have lots of project pictures in this month's section -- discovered I like Farmhouse Décor, so I began to mend, paint, repaint, stitch, declutter, sort through and I hauled 3 trash bags of stuff to the thrift store so far that doesn't fit in with the farmhouse look. My hubbin even began to help me with the projects. Be still my heart! 💓

I also have a list of FREE Printable Coloring Sheets for you over in the side menu that I doodled. I also created some more Mary Engelbreit rubber stamped crafts - a card, a candy jar, and an upcycled peanut cannister that I converted into Mom's Mad Money bank. It's going into the laundry room and it's for those coins and cash I find at the bottom of the washing machine. Not my problem if you don't clean out your pockets. It's MINE NOW! 😁

And I also discovered, while watching YouTube videos on farmhouse décor, that the blurriness of the videos may be caused by the pixel setting of the video. I always save my videos in the highest dpi that I can, but there is an individual setting on the video toolbar that can be changed by you, the viewer, so check the little wheel when you watch the current video and see what the pixel level is. Click on it to adjust it to the highest setting for the best clear viewing. 

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

My Happy Book 2019.

Just wanted to share with you what I'm using the food packaging for -- not just for artist trading cards, but also to decorate a journal that my therapist doctor encouraged me to make -- one filled positively to the brim with goodness, kindness, and joy! She said to add in my doodles, scriptures because she knows my faith is important to me, and good memories. 

I purchased a Composition Notebook and began adding in dividing lines with skinny washi-tape (planner format) and decorating the sides plus adding days and dates, but when I went to write on the pages, the pen poked through the thin paper. So before adding in any more washi tape section lines or to the edges of the paper,  I cut down some single sheets of notebook paper and glued it onto the front and back of the pages. It helped a lot! This is what it looks like to washi-tape the edges of the pages. I think it will not only pretty up the pages, but help strengthen the edges as they get thumbed through everyday.  

So here's January's pages -- to enlarge the video, click on the little box in the bottom right hand corner of the toolbar on the video screen. 

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I've uploaded a new video for February and added it to a new playlist here: DJR: Positivity Journal 2019. Enjoy! 

Almost had a ink disaster. Hubby purchased two new ball point pens for me and unbeknownst to me, one developed a leak in the crock I'm using for a pencil holder and the ink traveled everywhere, all over my hands, up my arms and on the notebook cover every time I pulled something from the crock. I also learned that the ink wasn't permanent -- a drip of glue blurred some of the written words inside the notebook. Learned a good ball point permanent ink pen or fine-line marker should be used to write with. 

Happy to share some of what I've written in my notebook with you here. 

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My March journal video is happily uploaded to YouTube! Check it out! Happy Easter! 

I've got an idea for another journal, so I reviewed the lessons from Stephanie Ackerman's online doodle and Bible journaling classes last week and am beginning to read her book this week -- Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist. The link to her book is up on the left hand side menu if you are interested. She's also featuring her doodle class again, if you are interested in that too. Just click on her button on the side menu and it will take you to her website where you can sign up.  Here's the new playlist for my Doodles -- a notebook full of doodled scriptures. Part One consists of one doodled verse from each of the first ten books of the Bible. 

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I'm learning to smile through April Showers -- see me grit my teeth together -- 🤪. I uploaded my newest video and YouTube slapped me with a music copyright infringement claim. I haven't taken the video down as I'm claiming a grandfather clause -- that music is on my Microsoft video editor under another name and has been there for two years. It was pre-installed on my computer when it was given to me as a Christmas gift in 2017. About time I learned to use it huh? I've made the proper feedback to both Microsoft and YouTube and I'm letting them duke it out, so before I'm told to take it down, if you want to view it, click here! Add a like too for good measure. Thanks! 

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Another copyright infringement again, for the month of June. Again, I made the proper feedback and told Microsoft I wish that they would find some music for me that won't ruffle YouTube's feathers. Found two ladies who LOVE Mary Engelbreit like I do and added their videos of a Mary Engelbreit journal that one of them made for the other on my YouTube playlist. Check out my list of videos if you want to see the journal over on my side bar! Someone asked me if I was enjoying making my positivity journal and I said YES! 

I've added cards from my sisters of my heart (girlfriends) and decorated them without obscuring their handwritten names, because I want to remember who gave me the cards. After I used a Christmas card from a girlfriend at church (Princess Sister), she got up in our Gratitude testimony time to tell everyone about my positivity journal -- I happened to have it with me because I wanted to show her, her card in my journal. smile! Well, that was a good lead-in, so I got up and told everyone the purpose for the journal. I got some very positive comments after the service and that made a happy memory for me! 

I also show in my video this month how fat my composition notebook is getting to be and it's not even to the middle of the one signature yet. 

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Just uploaded my second doodle video tonight after finishing up Joanne Sharpe's lettering book and her free tutorials -- see the link lists on the left side bar for links to tutorials and video playlists.  For the next ten doodles, I plan to read this book with contributing artist, Valerie Sjodin.  

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I uploaded July's section of my Happy Book and it has a small tutorial on how to make an envelope pocket at the very end. I even figured out how to add text with the video editor. 

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August 2019 - This month's section of my happy book is in honor of our son and in memory to my friend, Karen Lange. The words, saying, quotes, and scripture that I used in honor of our son is located here and at the end of the video is a small memorial for Karen. A homeschooling friend introduced us as she was a leader for our homeschool support group a few years prior to us joining the group. She continued teaching Spanish to homeschooled young people and at our local community college, was a rubber stamping buddy, got some of her cards published in Just Cards magazine, followed Documented Faith with me for a couple of years and we enjoyed swapping song bites via text with each other. It's her voice at the end of the video along with a photo of her this last Mother's day. 

I really learned a lot editing this video with Microsoft's Video Editor App. I had to figure out how to convert Karen's song from one format to another and then send it to my laptop so I could complete the video. I also learned that seconds count when compiling a video, so when one bit stops, another bit begins and I am trying to learn to do it as smoothly as possible. 

My therapist suggested this next month's theme, so I will be adding in representations of all my other friends! So be forewarned! grin!

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Have you heard about the FREE Online Bible Journaling Conference? I attended Be The Light-Bible Journal Conference. To Inspire and Encourage Christians to Grow in the Word Creatively on October 16-18, 2019. To learn more, click here.  

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Drum roll please! :) I finally finished up September's positivity journal section. Yay! It's to introduce you to my friends which are all represented by paper dolls. And tomorrow begins the Bible Journaling Conference at 10:00 AM CST. Stephanie Ackerman is going to be interviewed on the third day of the Conference. If you want to see her interview, better sign up tonight, just a' sayin'!

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Here's Stephanie explaining what five products she uses to Bible Journal with - water-colors, photos, pens, highlighters, and a white pigment pen. She said she gets overwhelmed with too many product choices and is basically a simple gal. 

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October has been a busy and stressful month for us. Our hot water heater died and yay! we have a new one as of today (11/16/2019). Our new-to-us, but used pretty red Jeep needs repairs, which we are going to have to save the money for because we've learned our lesson about the credit card trap (too easy to overspend), and we need new medical devices, and my husband's father passed away plus I really had to dig for cottage, home, and house memories quotes, sayings and scriptures, but today, I'm glad to say that I uploaded a video to YouTube and published the words to my gratitude blog. Whew! We survived and lived through another month with its ups and downs and God was the friend who took our hands,  stood by us and saw us supportively through. Thank you, Jesus! Now on to November! Oh, and by the way, even though I'm a little behind everyone else, I've been following Marsha Baker's 21 Day Sketch-note Challenge on YouTube. I took her workshop at the Bible Journaling Conference and thought it would help me organize my sermon note-taking. If you are interested, click here. 

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November arrived and went and here it is the middle of December, but I finally got November's section of the Positivity Journal completed and the video uploaded to YouTube. YAY! ✨  ✨ 

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I'm so proud of myself. I've struggled the last three months, October, November, and December, to get my journal chapters done  in a timely fashion,  but they are finally complete! For the WHOLE YEAR! Yay! 

My therapist wants me to continue with the Positivity Journal in 2020, so you will see a new post about it before long.  Click here for video

The words are still available over on my gratitude journal blog here. 

I've learned some new things along the way -- for one thing, new technology, like using an video editor app and video chat. That was fun! 😁 And I'm thinking of changing up the format of the journal a bit. I know there will be some more of my doodles, because I'm planning for that to go along with Marsha Baker's 365 Days Doodle Challenge. And I'm embarking on a new venture - sharing my doodled scripture sheets with my spiritual family. Thank you, Jesus! I'm praying that I can get a scanner up and working and figure out how to use that online cloud space. If Stephanie Ackerman can do it, so can I! 

Blessings to you all and a very HAPPY, POSITIVE NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!