Thursday, November 3, 2022

Yay! I've hit a YouTube Milestone!

YouTube Update!

Things are happening at YouTube. Software is being updated with a new look, buttons are being moved around and everyone will have an unique handle. At this point, I have 114 subscribers now and a Community tab. I was hoping to get the Discussion tab back because I was hoping to have my own forum there. As many of you know, I've been a moderator at a homeschool forum at a defunct website called Old Fashioned Living, and have participated in two other forums at Club Posh and Splitcoast Stampers. I posted a photo on my Community Tab - check it out

My original YouTube URL will still work -

but my new one will reflect the changes happening at YouTube =

Hey educators and homeschool mamas! Remember giving pop quizzes in social studies? Well, I just uploaded one this week that pertains to Missouri and Kansas history. See how many you remember. I give clues on my History Nut of Missouri blog - check the side menu on your computer or mobile phone in internet web mode for the answers.

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Originally posted on: Friday, July 8, 2022

Rejoice with me! I made an YouTube milestone! I have 100 subscribers! Never thought other people than my friends would enjoy watching my content. Boy was I surprised when I received an email from YouTube last week stating I had reached the 100 subscriber mark. 

I really enjoy the video view counts and the comments because I would love to build a little community there, you know like an old-fashioned internet forum! I know how the subscribe button works. It has a little notification bell that works three ways -- 

When you click on the Subscribe bell, the little black bell level will notify you of all the videos I upload. The white bell means that you get notified once in a while when I upload a video and the slash bell can be used just to bookmark my site, but you won't get notified when I upload a new video. I know life's busy, but I would like it if my subscribers were regular watchers if at all possible. I used to be a moderator of the Parlor forum at the defunct website Old Fashioned Living and have been a member of two other forums at Splitcoast Stampers and Club Posh and now I have my own blogs. I miss that forum discussion part at YouTube. My video is like the beginning of a forum thread and the comments below are the discussion part of a thread. While I like praise, I also like chatting with friends. The internet has been great for making new friends, people I probably would never have met in my physical world. 

Let's party! YouTube Celebration video! Join the subbies rejoicing with me below in the comments! Woo Hoo! Thank you for subscribing to my channel! 

My youngest sister-in-law picked up this plaque at the Crackerbarrel restaurant gift shop last week to show me and we both laughed. 

Then I took a photo and sent it to a friend from my homeschooling days. I told this friend a few days before SIL found the plaque above that I sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole and she told me that we can be Square Sisters together. smile! So, if you don't mind a kooky friend, come on over and subscribe on the black bell if you have a mind to and jump right in and make a comment. That would make my day special!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Black and White Doodling Ideas for Coloring Sheets

My last Doodling through the Bible video, I used this book to learn from and the author has many more ideas for making black and white designs.

Drawing in Black and White by Deborah Velasquez

However, since I have been creating coloring sheets for church, I would like to continue collecting and writing down some other design ideas that I can use while continuing to create coloring sheets, perhaps moving some from the Grace Card post and then adding in others as I find them, so this will be my online idea list and post in progress.  

CLIPART IMAGES = There are companies like Dover Publishing who sell books and/or CDs of copy-right free images that I can use. In the crafting world, we call them digital stamps or Digi's. Some artists will give away a freebie image that they have created on their website and that's what is up in my freebie tab - websites I've run across with free clipart that's available for download.

I could print and cut digi's out and then save in whole sheets or cut them down in zippered file folders. That way, an image is always at hand.  

DIE-CUTS = On my very first Grace & prayer card, I used a scalloped circle die to cut out white cardstock to place over the middle of the striped lines I created with a ruler and pencil/Sharpie marker. When it was photocopied, I liked the appearance of it being elevated or popped up a bit from the background. 

Just saw another idea for die-cuts. Foliage in black paper, like sprays of leaves and branches or floral images. I'm not real fond of coloring sheets that have those teeny-weeny spaces for sharpened coloring pencils only, because most of those are computer generated, so a bit of die-cut foliage in the right place would look nice.  

Another idea would be to use black paper and die-cut or stencil small, skinny alphas as title headers for a coloring sheet.

DOODLING = I had a request to show how I doodle, so here's my video tutorial showing how I did just that: Click Here

DOODLING SURFACE = I had been using a clipboard to hold my paper while I drew on it, but decided I needed something a little wider. I liked the clipboard as I could slip it into my backpack along with a pencil box to take with me any place I've had to wait, like for a doctor's appointment or in the car waiting for hubby to come out of that hardware store or when visiting my in-laws. It's a boredom buster!!! It was kind of cramped though, so decided I needed a little wider space to doodle on and when I saw Wendy Vecchi's Magnet Board, I knew I had to get it the next time it went on sale at Hobby Lobby, Joann's or Michael's. I don't have any of the accessories that you can purchase extra for it -- I only have the four magnets and magnetic ruler that came with it at this time. 

GREYSCALE PRINTING = I tried water-coloring a shadow across the middle of one coloring card with a water-brush and a grey water-based Marvy marker. It printed looking washed out and I had to reapply the watercolor after printing out my coloring  card. So, depending on how good a printer is for grey-scale, grey may be a little iffy to use. 

I tried "water-coloring" a background again on a separate index card back, using a different technique -- a smooched black inkpad on a plastic tile with a spritz of water (a Tim Holtz technique). I had much better results that time. 

INK = I use a thick and thin Sharpie marker to draw with. And occasionally, when they begin to dry out, I need to replace them.  And I really dislike when the nib on the skinny marker decides to split into two, because I have to go over the line again to make it a complete line. 

KISS = Keep it simple, sister! I was reminded of that last week when I was at a loss for a "fancy" image idea. What did I already know? Put that to work, so I did! 

LIGHTBOX = In my first doodle class, I learned to make an off-line idea scrapbook from a spiral bound school notebook. The teacher said to doodle images and different fonts in there that I run across. She said she liked having her idea book handy when she sat down to create a doodle sketch. 

However, I have a lightbox I received for Christmas one year. I keep all my original coloring sheets in document sleeves in a 3-ring binder. If I think of an idea and can use a certain portion of another previously doodled coloring sheet, then I use the lightbox to trace the image onto a new piece of paper placed over the previous coloring sheet with the lightbox turned on. 

MISTAKES = Invariably a mistake or two will crop up or you don't like how your coloring sheet design looks. I've saved many a coloring sheet simply by redoing just that part on another piece of cardstock, cutting it out in a pleasing shape (circle/oval/whatever) and gluing it over the top of the part I didn't like. It will look like you designed it that way! 😄

For smudges, there is supposed to be a sanding "eraser" out there for those. I don't personally have one (probably should get one as I'm a ink and paint magnet), but I have seen crafters use one in videos. I found one on Amazon. It's made of rubber latex and silica grit and the brand I saw is the Tombow Mono Sand Eraser designed to remove colored pencil and ink markings. 

PAINTED DOTS = Use a ball clay tool or embossing stylus to create painted dots. For example,  black dots on white paper or white dots on black paper.  Dip the tool into acrylic paint or on an inkpad and dot the paper with the end of it. Make single dots or pattern dots in odd numbers such as three dots in a row or in a triangular shape. To make a simple flower, dot large "petals" around a single smaller dot. To make bigger dots, a new pencil eraser would work.  You could dot the center of flowers or make a dotted doily. 

PAPER = I've been using white cardstock to doodle on that I purchased from Walmart. It doesn't rip or fall apart when you erase it. My last doodle teacher has us use mechanical pencils to doodle with, but those tend to leave dents or cuts in the paper if you are heavy handed like me. I've switched to using an ordinary sharpened yellow school pencil and a fine-line Sharpie marker. 

Make use of leftover pieces of black and white scrapbook paper to collage with. I compiled a 2 gallon Hefty zippy bag full of black and white scraps of paper so that I always have something on hand. 

Another idea is to use torn strips of black paper on white to frame a coloring sheet or use as "grass" at the bottom of the sheet.  

RUBBER STAMPING = I thought about using rubber stamps to make coloring cards, but unless you have permission from an angel rubber stamp company to reproduce their images by photocopying your one or two hand-stamped image(s), then that is out. I looked into obtaining a Stamping Up License one time to make cards to sell, and the license was good for 100 hand-stamped images only.

I could carve my own rubber stamp. I took a class from Stephanie Ackerman that showed me how to doodle a flower image and then carve out the rubber to make my own stamped images. If I had one image that I keep using over and over, this would be a good investment and I wouldn't run into copyright issues then. I purchased a Speedwell Block Printing kit from Michael's to create my own stamp. An outline image would make a good stamp for a coloring sheet. 

Another idea is to use common household items to stamp with such as a straw and ink/paint to make circle bubbles.  

I could make my own stamps from pre-cut fun foam shapes also and mount them to soda pop bottle lids or pill bottle lids, but they would be pretty small stamps. A hole punch might make for an interesting foam shape stamp. 

SHADING = The shading on my doodles looks dorky to me and I wondered how I could give a little texture to my black and white line doodles. A website I just looked at suggested shading in total black. For instance, on the dark side of a building, color in the whole side black. Don't add in any features to the building on the dark side, just color the whole side in black. Depending on how large the building is, I would have to switch from a fine-line sharpie to a bullet-tip sharpie and maybe mask over the corners and lines of the building, so I don't go out of the lines or glue down a cut out piece of black cardstock paper into the image using a sharp pair of decoupage or embroidery scissors. 

STENCILS = I sometimes trace around the inside of a stencil to make a wording, backgrounds or texture for my coloring sheets. 

I've made my own stencils using a Bigz Die from Sizzix and a piece of plastic packaging, however, one idea I read about, I believe on Pinterest, was die cutting a piece of a plastic notebook divider. The interesting part of that was leaving the holes on the left side so that you could store it flat in a 3-ring binder between two buffer sheets of notebook paper. 

And I'm finding some interesting mask ideas on YouTube by using the cut-out center piece of a stencil. People use the masks to cover over and protect an image they want to keep and pounce over the mask around the edges to create a background with sponged ink or paint. 

WASHI TAPE = I have framed in coloring sheet images with black and white washi tape. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Am I a Gudrun Girl? Yes and No!

Yes, I'm a Gudrun Girl as far as her fashion line goes! 

When I was diagnosed with drop foot several years ago and a leg brace was added to my wearing apparel, I discovered Gudrun Sjoden's clothing line on Pinterest. Just what I was looking for. Leggings plus fashionable, comfortable wearing apparel. I loved her bright clothing in the patterns I like most - calico type florals,  checks, dots, and stripes. 

No, because her clothing does not come in my size. 

So, I emulate her fashion as far as I am able. I do like black and white the most and so far, that's about all I've been able to find, clothing wise in my size that I can afford. I shop for my clothing at  1/2 of 1/2, thrift stores (have a couple of favorite spots), Walmart, and if on clearance or sale, online at Full Beauty BrandsOccasionally, friends will give me a bag of clothing if they know my size or accessories they think looks like me. 😁

Two other pluses that I had never thought of before until I discovered her clothing line was that you can wear a short sleeve dress all year long and then layer it during the winter. First time I was actually warm enough during the winter in my drafty old farmhouse cottage. Second is that you can wear different patterns together at one wearing, if you keep the clothing and accessories in all the same basic colors. 

The layering during the winter can be not only sweaters, but also long sleeve t-shirts over or under a dress. Long sleeve t-shirts can make a dress appear to be a skirt under the shirt or if you wear it under the dress, the dress looks like a jumper. Also what we used to call culottes,  can be worn over a pair of leggings and under a short tunic dress for another layer. You can wear decorative infinity scarves in the winter to keep your neck warm and necklaces in the summer to keep your neck cool.

What we call a sleeve-less tank-top summer dress can also be worn summer or winter. I don't like my batwings (extra skin under my upper arms) to show, so wearing sleeve-less dresses are out during the summer, however, I learned that I can wear a short sleeve top over it during the summer to make it appear as if I'm wearing a skirt and a long sleeve t-shirt under it during the winter as a jumper. 

I wear compression stockings and an orthopedic built-up shoe now instead the brace, although the built-up shoe is as stiff as the brace was. The compression socks I can buy come in two colors - black and beige. I do not like brown, so black it is! And the orthopedic shoes comes in -- guess what colors? You've got it, black and beige! 

So when I began to build my wardrobe, I chose seven (7) colors that go well with black - black and white, black and grey, black and red, pink, turquoise and lime green. I also chose 4 of my favorite patterns that I mentioned above. However, after shopping for several years pink, turquoise and lime green were hard to come by, so I've changed my colors again. I've kept the black and white, but also added red, white, and blue. Teal was the easiest blue-green color available, but it's not my favorite blue-green. Teal is on the green side of blue-green and turquoise is on the blue side.  So far, it's been easier to find the red, white, and blue, but I usually discard the garment if the fabric also has another color beyond the ones I have chosen, because I don't want to throw in another color into my mix. 

I pulled out everything in my closet and anything that didn't go with my colors or pattern choices went to the thrift store for somebody else to enjoy. It has taken some time to build up my wardrobe. 

I do have one piece of Gudrun Sjoden jewelry. No, it's not a necklace. See if you can spot it in the photos below.  Click on the photos to enlarge them. 

These are just a few of my favorite dresses. See how I can mix and match shirts with the tank/jumper dresses. I'm constantly scouting out apparel and accessories when I go shopping. 

And, my wardrobe may be doing some more changing in the near future. According to google, you must lose 10 to 15 pounds (about 1 stone, UK measurement) to change clothing sizes and I've lost nearly 25 pounds since the end of January. I'm currently on four medical diets - Possum Patty calls it the Freedom Diet - sugar-free (hypoglycemia), fructan-free (low-fodmap), caffeine, carbonation, citrus, dairy, mint, garlic/onion, tomato-free (GERD/gastritis), and soft foods (gastroparesis). It's been a balancing act, let me tell you. Just because it's gluten-free, doesn't mean it's sugar-free, but I let myself have a treat ever once in a while.