Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Happy Book 2019.

Just wanted to share with you what I'm using the food packaging for -- not just for artist trading cards, but also to decorate a journal that my therapist doctor encouraged me to make -- one filled positively to the brim with goodness, kindness, and joy! She said to add in my doodles, scriptures because she knows my faith is important to me, and good memories. 

I purchased a Composition Notebook and began adding in thin washi-tape lines like the planner format and decorating the sides plus adding days and dates, but when I went to write on the pages, the pen poked through the thin paper. So before adding in anymore washi tape "lines" or to the edges of the paper,  I cut down some single sheets of notebook paper and glued it onto the front and back of the pages. It helped a lot! This is what it looks like to washi-tape the edges of my composition notebook. I think it will help strengthen the edges as they get thumbed through everyday.  

So here's January's pages -- to enlarge the video, click on the little box in the bottom right hand corner of the toolbar on the video screen. 

I've uploaded a new video for February and added it to a new playlist here: DJR: Positivity Journal 2019. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Crafty Christmas Gifts

2018 = This year's selection for a crafty Christmas gift for all the ladies in our family (his and her sides) was a pincushion and I found the idea at YouTube on a video titled "Easy Pincushions with Jenny, Misty, and Cindy" by Missouri Star Quilt Company. I really enjoyed shopping at thrift stores for the containers and bought the Lizard Litter and some pillow filler fluff. Just a warning - the smallest bag Petco carries of Lizard Litter is a ten-pound sack of crushed walnut shells! 😁

Many of the pots were still dirty from their last use, so almost as soon as I got home with them, they got scrubbed in a warm, sudsy bath. I looked them over carefully at the store for cracks and chips and a couple of them didn't transfer home so well, so I had to touch up a couple with matching paint. All in all though, they were so cute when I finished making them. 

If you decide you have to make some too, here's what I suggest: several of the containers were deep and I stuffed the bottoms of them with plastic grocery sacks and foam packing before adding the glue around the top edges and then stuffing the pincushion bubble in and adding more glue where needed. To make the pincushion bubble,  I put the center of the fabric upside down into the top of a little cardboard tea package lid that was about 1 1/2 inch deep (you could use a custard cup or other small container), spooned in about 3 scoops of lizard litter, then drew it up into a "bubble" and stuffed pillow fluff into the opening (which will be the bottom of the pincushion), while twisting some strong crochet thread around the "neck" to tie it closed (secret: tie a slip knot first with a 3 inch tail and pull tight, then wrap the thread around the neck two or three times and tie off) and cut off the excess fabric. I used a thumbnail and a Chinese bamboo chopstick to push the pincushion pillow into the opening of several of the containers and tried to smooth them out until tight. Then I stretched a couple of large rubber-bands around the top of pincushion and the bottom of the containers to hold the pincushions in until the glue dried and set overnight. Added a couple of straight pins and a safety pin on top to finish them off. Made 25 in all and the gals had fun picking out their favorite one to take home!

If you want to see details, click on the photo to enlarge! 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

But I'm as snug as a bug in a rug inside! 

Decided it was time to put my scissors and paper trimmer to work!

The cardboard box contains two brown paper grocery sacks stuffed to the gills and overflowing with paper food and product packaging.

This is my word box.

All words, cut out from packaging, extra stamp offs and confetti wording go into this pencil box. I use them on artist trading cards (atc's), artsy greeting cards, my Documented Faith scripture art journaling pages, glue-book pages, etc. 

When I don't have a individual word I can use, I dip into my letter pouch and spell out the word I need. I've separated the letters into snack sized zip bags. I also have a few alpha stickers in the back. It looks more artsy if the lettering doesn't match. I also have some punctuation and numbers as well. 

I may keep some images for my atc image collection and if there are any leftover pieces large enough for atc's of packaging left, it will get cut up into atc blanks and put away into a shoebox that I keep for that purpose. 

A perfect job for a cold snowy day!