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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kathy Raccoosin's 4th 30-Day Coloring Challenge

Begins February 1, 2016
And I'm joining her for the 2nd time!
She's gonna be giving goodies away and, weekly, will be
 showcasing a coloring project that catches her eye --
So get those coloring books together you got for Christmas -- I received three! --
(By all means, you may pre-stamp or use computer printed digital images too.) 
plus organize your supplies -- that means -- 
crayons, markers, paints, pencils, watercolors, etc.
whatever coloring mediums you own,
And  join us for some coloring "spa" therapy every day for 30-days!

P.S. Before I forget, you'll need to read
 this stuff you need to know before you begin! !

And please use the hash tag #TheDailyMarker30Day
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Day 1: Kathy's Cute Card

Kathy compiled all her markers together into a 3-tier cart
that she purchased at Ikea which reminded me of
a 3-tier wire mesh cart on wheels that
I was using out on the front porch for plants.
However, being as how it is winter here,
I walked quickly to the porch,
pulled all the pots out of it
and scrubbed it down in the shower.
She also had cute little fabric sacks that she put all her markers in
and I was going to make some too until
I discovered my sewing machine wasn't working -- sigh! --
so anyway, I took a photo of all my coloring
pencils, so I won't have marker envy from you,
but coloring pencil envy! grin!

Last time I began the coloring challenge with a Stephanie Ackerman digi
and this time around I began with it again, however,
I purchased two white pens, a Sakura Gelly Roll (38) pen
and an American Crafts Galaxy Marker (#62122 white).
The gelly roll pen doesn't always work over the waxy coloring pencil,
so the marker comes in handy for that.
One draw-back is the larger tip though.
click to enlarge if needed

I didn't look at my coloring of this digi from the last challenge,
however, I believe it is much improved.
I've been studying shadow placement,
watching copic marker and
coloring pencil videos since the last challenge. 
I also used three shades of each color as well as using an eraser
and the white pen for highlights.
So what do you think compared to last time?
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Day 2: Kathy's Birthday Card

I was surprised by the blog hop today so thought I might make a
quick card instead of the coloring page I had planned for today.
The flower is my own doodle. I traced around two round things
from my kitchen on printer paper, made two leaves,
 and colored it all in with colored pencils.

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Day 3: Kathy's Mouse Card

I wanted to try something new and that is to color a coloring page
(Mary Engelbreit; received for Christmas) in marker
first, then go over it the next day in colored pencils for the shading.
So here's my coloring page in markers -- you need to use long strokes with
brush markers to get a smooth finish -- however,
I discovered some of my markers are drying up.
They are the first set of Stampin' Up marker colors.
I got them for half-price, because I purchased them used.
The seller wanted the new colors and her husband wouldn't let her
buy a new set until she sold her old set, so I got a bargain,
cause I've had them for years! grin!
I like Kathy's idea of buying markers every time
she receives a  50% off coupon in the mail.
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I follow Stephanie Ackerman's Documented Faith 2016
and the coloring page is to decorate January's
divider page in my faith-book binder.
I want to get it laminated so it's a little studier and to keep it clean.  
Here is it after I added in the coloring pencil
over the marker ink. The black washi tape is where
the tab is located at. All of it didn't fit into my scanner bed.
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Day 5: Power Poppy
Anybody remember the scratch pictures we made in elementary
school art classes? Well, last night I found a book on clearance
at a used book store on how to make them
and I decided to try my hand at it again.
1. You cover a piece of smooth white cardstock, cut down into the size you need, 
with a heavy coat of crayons in multiple colors. Make any design you like.
2. Then completely cover the colorful background with a heavy coat of black crayon.
It said you could also cover the background with black paint, but that you had to find a paint that would work well as some are harder to scratch through than others.
3. After the background is completely covered with black, then use a tool to scratch the surface. They suggested taking a dowel rod the size of a pencil in circumference and sharpen one end in a pencil sharpener, which I did. I have a jar of 12" dowel rods I bought at Walmart some time ago. Or you can use a fork, anything with a sharp point on the end.
4. You can design your own picture or they suggested using a stencil to scratch through the black crayon or paint to the rainbow colors underneath. And to protect the surface, from stray scratches or ground in crayon crumbs, lay a piece of paper on top under your working hand. I also added in a sentiment.
5. They said to protect the surface of the scratched picture, cover the surface with clear packing tape. Be sure to gently whisk off crayon crumbs, or you will have bumps in your tape. It was fun to do and I may have to make another.
   Here's my card:
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Monday, December 28, 2015

Blogger Changes Coming Soon!

This post is for those of you who are fellow bloggers who have noticed a recent decrease in your number of "followers." As it is, I don't have that many "followers" for any of my blogs, readers yes, and  I'm grateful for both. Although, apparently there are  changes coming to Blogger that both bloggers and followers need to know.  See the letter below:
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An update on Google Friend Connect
Posted: December 21, 2015 by Michael Goddard, Software Engineer.
In 2011, we announced the retirement of Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger sites. We made an exception for Blogger to give readers an easy way to follow blogs using a variety of accounts. Yet over time, we've seen that most people sign into Friend Connect with a Google Account. So, in an effort to streamline, in the next few weeks we'll be making some changes that will eventually require readers to have a Google Account to sign into Friend Connect and follow blogs.
As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we'll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other Open ID providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, We'll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count.
We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google Account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they'll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow.
We know how important followers are to all bloggers, but we believe this change will improve the experience for both you and your readers.
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If you don't want to sign up for a Google account, but want to continue reading my blog, either bookmark my blog and come back periodically to check for new posts or follow by email. I have a gadget on the side menu expressly for that purpose. Thank you!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sharing Handmade Kindness Challenge

-- Week One --
Sharing Handmade Kindness: Family and Friends

I have joined Jennifer McGuire's "Sharing Handmade Kindness" Challenge
for the month of November. 

I watched a video by Shannon Green called Journaling by 5's that I used to make this ATC and Roladex card, which was made for all my ATC club friends.
I did not necessarily follow Shannon Green's timeline, however, these came together quick as I applied her formula to make the atc (November ATC club theme: Architecture).
a. Color background = I used watercolor paint by Art Quest and a wide water brush.
b. Collaged recycled bits of paper = I tore up bits of security paper envelopes. I love the patterns and added them to the dried rolodex cards with gel medium. After it was dry I sanded the rough texture of the gel medium to make it smooth.
c. Use stamps or stencils = actually  I sponged through a plastic number mask and stamped the flowers and leaves in red and black stazon inks.
d. Then add images and/or words = I stamped the cottage, the extra flower and the sentiment, colored them, cut them out, and glued them down to the cards. I added the address label to the rolodex card and the sentiment strip to the atc.
e. Then use  a pen/pencil and other things to enhance the card. In this case, I used a black colored pencil to trace around the address label and sentiment, added the tabs, washi tape, and the gem.
-- Week Two --
Sharing Handmade Kindness Theme: Community
I broke out the small gelli plate for the very first time
and made a pocket letter for an exchange.
Here's one of the cards =
I also made two thank you cards, one for my pastor and one for a friend who has donated a copy of his published cemetery book to our local genealogical library center.
I made it based on this design, click here.
I did not have the kit mentioned in the video, however, I cased a similar copy with eight accordion folded panels by cutting down 2 sheets of 8.5" x 11" pieces
of cardstock in half lengthwise
and taping three of the halves together to make one long strip of paper.
Next, I scored it about every 2.5" to 3" for every panel until I had 8 panels.
Whatever was left over was cut off.
I then stamped four different background stamps on 2 panels each and glued foam letters
to the center of each design until I spelled out the word T-H-A-N-K-S.
On the back of the end panel, I stamped a "thank you" in the center back
and signed it.
It looks nice standing up!
 I have to tell about our Pastor's elementary children. They made something handmade with their mother and handed small plates of it out this morning to people as they left church.
They were the yummiest chocolate chip cookies!
They were sharing handmade kindness today too with their community!
-- Week Three --
Sharing Handmade Kindness: Kids
This is what I made!
A pocket letter (I have one more to make) and several small hand games for the kids in my church. I gave the small tic-tac-toe games (found the game pieces at our local odd-ball salvage store called Bargain Factory. I think there is a link to it over on the side menu)
 to our church's candy lady for her yummy bag
 and the pocket letters will go as a card shower to two kids who are battling cancer.
I made the pocket letters like my rainy day puzzle,
except I left it in black and white so that the children
will have something to color if they feel up to it.
Having spent two weeks in the hospital myself a couple of summers ago,
even with TV, it's just plain boring, so
I can't even imagine spending a large part of my life there.
And just like an adult pocket letter, I have small things
appropriate for their age group inside each pocket.
If you are a crafter, consider joining us in making a card for the children
and/or their siblings and their parents. Jennifer McGuire has
posted the due date and rules on her blog post here.

And by the way, a niece shared this video with me today.
She's taking college classes and this is what she learned in her psychology class about 
the social pain of rejection from bullies.
It seemed appropriate to share it here.
She said she learned that the children's little saying
"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me"
was false statement, because they both register in the same region of the
brain as pain
which is the body's way of saying that something is wrong and needs repair.
It reminded me of several Bible verses such these:
"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
~ Proverbs 16:24
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."
~ Proverbs 17:22
" Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness. . ." ~ Colossians 3:12

-- Week Four --

Sharing Handmade Kindness: With Strangers
I didn't get to complete the Sharing Handmade Kindness Challenge
because the son shared his virus with his ole mom and dad,
so we were sick all through Thanksgiving weekend and I still can't seem the shake it,
however, just as I was getting ready to get off the internet a few minutes ago,
I saw that Katie Couric has written a news story on the Kind Campaign.
That's kinda exciting! Click here to see the video and her news article!
I have a craft that I made for my Sunday School kids several years ago,
that as soon as I can retrieve it from the craft barn and get it scanned,
I will upload it here. It goes very well with the theme!

Remember the wooden carpenters extension rulers that folded up?
Well this is based on that design.
You will need eight (8) bright yellow atc-sized cardstock cards (2.5" x 3.5"),
a hole punch, seven (7) large brads, a black marker and a yard-stick.
In the two end pieces, on the short sides, punch one hole. In the rest of the pieces, punch a hole  on each short side. With the marker and straight-edge, mark a line on on long edge, making sure each card cooresponds with the other.
Starting at one end, place each piece over the top of each other, like fallen dominoes. Line up holes & place brads. Remember, you will want slide atc's together like the wooden ruler.
Then using the yardstick, make lines on this golden ruler to correspond
with the inches on the yardstick.
Below that, add the words, evenly spacing the words across the "ruler:"
"Do to others as you would have them do to you." Luke 6:31.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two-thirds Way Thru 30-Day-Coloring Challenge

See my first ten days of colored projects during this 30-Day Coloring Challenge.
See my 2nd ten days of coloring projects.
Day 21:

 I was over at Stephanie Ackerman's blog last night,
catching up on all her latest news,
when I ran across a post with her directions
on how she watercolors using watercolor pencils and an aqua-brush, 
so knew that was the direction I was going next,
to color in a house,
a gingerbread house,  to be exact, by Stampin' Up.
The colored pencil practice was a good prelude to coloring in with watercolor pencils,
however, when it came time to actually get the Strathmore
watercolor paper wet, I had a hard time getting some of the pencil pigment
to dissolve and smooth out like a marker.
I was using a "light" hand, as per Stephanie's instructions,
 but had to re-color over the dried sections.
The sky finally puddled after the second coat,
but the clouds and the house still wouldn't,
so then I had to look at the pencils.
I keep all my watercolor and colored pencils (various brands of both)
 separated in school boxes, so. . .
when I tried to find them on the Fantasia Pencil company website,
there were no photos of individual pencils to compare them to, so I decided
they must be coloring pencils, not watercolor ones. =0(
So to finish off the scene, I added stickles to the roof and gumdrops
and glossy accents to the little gingerbread man's heart.
Day 22.
Tonight my son was in a car accident with a motorcycle
that totaled his car; he's at the hospital getting checked out as I type this.
When I tried to call my husband to let him know
about the accident, his boss answered my hubby's phone and said he had
fainted and medics and an ambulance was on the way.
So tonight I elected not to color, but take care of my guys.
I hope you understand.
Day 23:
Kathy's Lawn Fawn Christmas Card 
I decided to do another watercolor card, but in a different technique
with the watercolor pencils.
I got inspiration from this Art Impressions tri-fold card video.
I love the look of watercolor and
followed the directions from the video of measuring and marking the card,
however, I didn't have the Art Impression stamps to make it with, so used what I had.
I think if I make this card again, I would move the car down so it is not hiding the house
and move the evergreen tree up and to the left side of where the car is..
I felt a little out of my element as it involved moving the pigment
from a "palette" to the paper
with the waterbrush; I have more control with the above watercolor technique of scribbling
the watercolor pencil pigment directly on the paper and wetting it with the waterbrush to puddle it.
Day 24:
Well, I played with placement today after I visited Michaels.
I was looking for Tim Holtz's Distress Micro Glaze fixative, but they didn't carry it.
You wouldn't believe the amount of coloring books they were carrying. WOW!
Right in time for Christmas shopping!
I thought I had a tree stamp, but all I could find were evergreens, so
I ended up buying a little 8 piece Inkadinkado tree set, but am still not satisfied
with the placement on the left side of the card.
The perspective isn't quite right yet, but I'm tickled with the shadows,
esp. the one of the car.
Day 25:
This crazy bird ATC is dedicated to Judy Cantrell,
who not only sent me stamp-off's of Tim Holtz's Crazy birds,
but also suggested how to color them in with watercolor crayons.
Did you know the term "jayhawking" is said to have been invented
by Patrick Devlin, an Irishman, who had emigrated to the Kansas territories 
during the Border War between Kansas and Missouri?
I couldn't resist adding the green polka-dot tie and bowler hat to the bird
along with the google-eyes.
He even has a little shamrock (confetti) next to him.
I have a plastic paint palette somewhere, but couldn't lay my hand on it,
so grabbed a plastic package bubble to use instead. The crayon scribbled easily and dissolved quite readily into paint and it didn't require the effort to get it transferred to the
image as the watercolor pencil scribbles did from the paper. 
Day 26:
Wise Old Owl
This coloring challenge is a two-fer; I'm getting
 shopping bags of supplies that I moved out to my craft barn
put away before I get down to business coloring, so
yesterday I found two palettes of watercolor paint;
one was a generic kids brand and the other was an Pearlescent
USArtQuest Stargazers palette that I had purchased at a thrift store
for $3.00 which had never been used.
I took that water brush in hand and painted up this wise old owl --
first layer was the generic brown - squirt one drop from water brush into paint,
mixed it a little and lightly painted it on and heat set it with my heat gun,
then went back over it with a darker brush on the shadow areas.
The bow-tie, cap, & pencil were all colored in the Stargazer paint.
It's more opaque than the generic watercolor paint. Then I went back over the bow tie
with lime green gel pen polka-dots and google eyes and he was done!
Day 27 & Day 28:
Me bad.
I totally blew off the coloring challenge yesterday.
Got involved in genealogy and didn't want to leave it, so
tonight I made two atc's.
I wanted to stamp the Celtic Cross in black, but could not find the stamp,
so had to rely on a stamp-off cut out of a "Ka-Ka" card.
You don't have a "Ka-Ka" card stash, do you?
I do. I keep unfinished and ugly cards in a shoebox.
Never know what you can dig out or find a use for from time to time.
I water colored both of these atc's with a paint box and water pen.
Day 29:
I'm tired tonight.
We're almost done with this 30-day Coloring Challenge.
I had a list of things to get completed and
have some things almost accomplished like the cleaning of my craft barn. Woo hoo!
I've  also learned that I like coloring with coloring pencils
and watercoloring with a water pen!
So here's my atc for today!
Day 30:
I made an atc-size envie  from a Asian treat bag I've hung onto like forever as a template 
and had to wait for the seams and the shamrock die cut on it to dry.
I was trying a new glitter glue which I got at a dollar store that I don't think I'll get again.
Had trouble getting it to come out and when it did, it came out in a big glop,
ACK!, so had a mess to clean up.
Here's the envie and the template.
The front of the envelope is 2.5" x 3.5." Score along dotted lines then fold and glue. .
I appreciate my friends and your lurkers out there
for coming back to read my blog every day
and commenting. 
Also, kudos goes to Kathy Racoosin for hosting this 30-Day Coloring Challenge.
Thank you.

Monday, October 12, 2015

30-Day Coloring Challenge Continues

See my first ten days of colored projects during this 30-Day Coloring Challenge.
Day 11:
My friend, Peggy, brought a few of her Mary Engelbreit rubber stamps
 and made some stamp-offs for me after our
ATC club meeting today. I colored a few to meet my
coloring challenge for today.
Day 12:
When I got home last night, I realized I had no idea what colors
to use on these stamp-offs. I recognize Mary Engelbreit's art
for as much as her color combinations as well as what she illustrates.
So I pulled out several of the books she has illustrated from my personal library
(I have approximately 65 of her books)
and found the illustration above, however, for the one below,
I had to wing it.
Day 13:
Kathy's Sparkly Pegusus Birthday Card
I went out to the craft barn and dug in my "Ka-Ka" stash and
found some stamp-offs I forgot I had, so I got to work coloring them tonight.
They almost look like a flower garden. . .

But here is an up close photo so you can see how I colored Mary Engelbreit's flowers in.

The tip of my pointy finger is quite numb tonight! LOL!
 I practiced using light pressure vs. harder pressure on the coloring.
You can see that in the blue and pink flowers and the leaves.
I also blended colors -- leaves and flower centers.
And used a white pencil to smooth out the red pencil pigment.
It really worked like a blender pencil.
Now if only these flowers had dies to go with them, I'd be a super happy camper.


Day 14:
What color(s) make you happy?
Somebody sent me an email today about colors and
it reminded me of an old post I had forgotten about.
I joined this coloring challenge,
not to make cards as some are doing, but to practice coloring.
Later, I can put the elements to good use in projects.
The sun above is part of the leftovers from my August ATC making.
But I did color a card front I found in my stash yesterday.

This is an old Stampin' Up set of rubber stamped images.
I added a few details with my colored pencils like the clouds and the tree bark.
And then I went back to bits of this and that.
The above snowmen are from an old Stampin' Up set, too, I think.
The flowers above were intended as a bit of a background and
I also colored in a cute corner or two.
Wanna watch Mary Engelbreit color in a drawing? Click here.
Day 15:
I think both these images are from a friend's Penny Black rubber stamps. . .
I've been looking very carefully at how ME shades her figures. . .
Part of the challenge for myself this month
 is becoming confident in the use of color.
Day 16:
Learned a fellow 30-Day Coloring Challenge
friend's mother passed away Sunday.
So here's a card in memory of her mother!
Shepherd stamp is by Highlander Celtic Stamps,
 the sentiment is by Inkadinkado,
the sheep is a stamp-off from a friend. 
Day 17:
Colorblock Technique
Make three circles by tracing around something round with a pencil, pen or marker,
anywhere on the page.
Save these three circles for stamping two images and a sentiment &/or for stickers.
Then, using a straight-edge ruler,
draw lines in the rest of the space to make "blocks."
You may stamp in the blocks and color in.
Day 18:
Sorry folks, I was really tired,
been working on a couple of genealogical articles for one of my other blogs,
so I elected to go to bed
instead of staying up and coloring.
Day 19:
Kathy's Guesting on Power Poppy -- It's a Cool Christmas Card!
One of my nieces sent me some black and white doodled coloring pages,
one of which I colored tonight.
The artist is: Deborah Muller.
Did you know that blue, green, and lavender are calming colors?
And pink is an appetite suppressant?
Supposedly, if you want to lose weight, paint your kitchen walls a bright pink!
 Day 20:
I was going to use my watercolor pencils tonight,
but first I have to find my aqua (water) brush.
I'm still trying to organize my craft barn.
So. . . tonight, it's still coloring pencils on one of those coloring sheets
niece shared with me.
After I got done coloring, it seemed like it still needed something and
I remembered that Mary Engelbreit uses black so effectively to pop colors,
so I used a fine-tip sharpie marker to reink the lines
and a light grey pencil to add some shadows.
I believe adding both helped.
I am Thankful & Blessed For God is with me!  
See my last ten days of projects during this 30-Day Coloring Challenge.