Wednesday, November 16, 2016

!!! Let the 30-Day Coloring Challenge Continue !!!

DAY 16: (Continued from this post) Can you believe it? We're half-way through November! As I was going through some files on this computer, I found a list of quotes I discovered while reading through 10 years of Stephanie Ackerman's blogging. One is apropos for this challenge, so here 'tis:
A quote from First for Women magazine:

"According to British researchers, doodling and coloring instantly revs mental energy, concentration and focus by 29 percent. And all the study subjects did to get that brain boost was shade in shapes for 2 1/2 minutes. The precise, repetitive motion stimulates the brain's alertness center."
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I used both coloring and water-coloring pencils on this sheet. I used coloring pencils where I wanted solid color and the water-coloring pencils on the inside where I wanted diffused color. I was able to layer the two water-color greens, one on top of each other. The lighter tint first and then near the stripes, a darker band for shading. Then when I got near the end of coloring, I decided to add in the doodle dangles. The stars are a little wonky, but I expect I'll get better at drawing them with practice, huh? grin!

DAY 17: 
I did the same with this one -- colored pencils around the outside edges of the frame and water-color pencils on the inside. We went to the KC Zoo today 😊 , so I'm late getting my coloring done for today.

DAY 18: Today is all colored pencils.
DAY 19:
I used a Sharpie white pen in addition to colored pencils today to restore some "lost" details that were hidden by the black colored pencil.


DAY 20:

 my coloring is at the end. fell and broke right hand, gash over right eye glued together and glasses broken. thankful right eye ok as far as I know. will miss my coloring :( will be in splint until Christmas so happy holidays you  all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

!!! Let the 30-Day Coloring Challenge Commence !!!

Kathy's ready!  Are you?
I prepared for this 30-Day-Coloring-Challenge by doodling my own coloring sheets during the month of October, because I took Stephanie Ackerman's online class here. What better way to practice doodling AND coloring than to join a coloring challenge, right? grin!
I follow Stephanie's Documented Faith (see the link button for it over on the side menu) and want to add in some of her doodled art, but also some of my own. She has really taught me to not discredit or apologize for my crafting style.
Also, our Pastor challenged us, his congregation, to journal or scrapbook our faith journeys at the beginning of the year (2016), so I will be answering (offline) a list of journaling questions that I compiled and listed here for each month in my 3-ring binder journal notebook that I use for Documented Faith on some of the coloring sheets I made. I didn't want two different books to have to keep up with, so I combined the two ideas into one faith-book.
And while I'm at it, I might even throw in a Christmas card or two or maybe an ATC (artist trading card), because I belong to a FREE monthly ATC swap club hosted by Ink, Paper, Rubber!
If you have followed me before, you know that  I post about half of my coloring projects daily in one long (updated) post, so be sure to remember to come back each day (or every other day) to view. PLEASE don't flake out on the second long post! I NEED your encouragement! grin!  I'll be here each day to add in what I colored for that day. Gifted-ADD brains lean towards disorganization (ie. losing track of time/hours/days), so posting in one long post helps to keep me on track as to what day it is.
New for me is the label: "30-Day" which will show all the participation posts for this particular coloring challenge. Also check out the label "color" for other posts related to color such as this one. You will be able to find Kathy's coloring projects on her Daily Marker blog. I won't be listing them anymore along with my posts as it seemed to have caused some confusion for my readers.
DAY 1:
This is my February journaling page that I doodled first (see left) and then colored in with pencils (see right), cut out and added to a sheet of pretty pink gingham scrapbook paper. Click on the images if you want to enlarge them to look at details.

DAY 2:
I've been wanting some pastel water colors and haven't broken down and purchase any tubes in those colors yet, but did find a Martha Stewart 36 marker set at the thrift store for $3.00. Brought them home to see if I could use them to watercolor with and I don't like them as the darker colors aren't pure and bright but muddy gray looking, especially that purple around Elizabeth's name and the blue around Jesus. I may have to red0 this page. . .

DAY 3: Colored pencils today.

DAY 4:Watercolored. This is Stephanie Ackerman's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe that I doodled around. My post is being contrary tonight, so I'm going to leave as is. Let's just call it "creative layout." 

Day 5: It's more of the same mulish contrariness today, so I ain't messing with this post no mo'. RRR! Anyway, after I recolored that sheet from DAY 2, my husband told me he liked the first sheet because of a couple of things 1.) The so-called muddiness of the colors are actually dusky (i.e. dusky rose) and 2.) he liked how I colored in the letters with the different colors. I thought I would take it to you the readers. Which do you like the best? I have another sheet printed out that I could color in.

DAY 6:  This one is inspired by Joanne Sharpe. I colored it with colored pencils tonight and I personally like this one the best! The scan doesn't do it justice, but it's really bright and pretty!
DAY 7:
Did today's frame with watercolor pencils. I liked how I could color it in like with colored pencils, lightly layering over the top of each other, but then I could smooth the pencil strokes out with the water brush. I especially like the inside of the frame where the purple pencil line looks like a shadow but the pink fuzzed out softly towards the center. I added a white dot or two to the flower and leaf up at the top to give it a highlight.
DAY 8:
Anybody hear the results of the election? I used water-color pencils on this illustration too!

 Day 9:  Watercolor pencils on one of my illustrated frames for some poetry I've been saving that I wanted to add to my Documented Faith-book. Just noticed the top of the frame is a bit wonky! grin! Oh well!

DAY 10:
Today I used watercolor crayons by Faber-Castell. You can't blend colors into one layer like you can with watercolor pencils, but have to add more colors on top of your watered down color after the paper is dry. But I can say the crayon colors are certainly bright and can be useful if you want to take something convenient to carry with you when traveling.  

DAY 11: 
I didn't want too much color on this coloring sheet today because of the vibrant background sheet I was planning to use for it, so the beauty of the coloring pencil is that I can erase if a color doesn't suit me. The dots received three different colors before I settled on green! grin!

Heard that my dad's cousin passed away this morning. Perhaps this is why I chose a coloring sheet that didn't have much coloring to do today. Didn't have the heart to do it, but didn't want to skip any days like last challenge.
DAY 11: I went back to watercolor pencils today to color in Stephanie Ackerman's globe she sent us through one of her devotions for Documented Faith. #documentedfaith
DAY 12: I'm a day late and a dollar short. Literally. Found out yesterday that one hour after we left a nice restaurant somebody cleared out my husband's bank account plus overdrew it by $550 . . .so anyway, needless to say I was doing good to get the atc jam cards done yesterday. Didn't get the swap cards done, but went anyway. And today, I water-colored (pencils) two pictures and my scripture for Documented Faith today. So here tis':

 DAY 13:

 DAY 14: I added in the weekly scripture from Stephanie Ackerman for Documented Faith to this week's square and used watercolor pencils to color it.  After tomorrow's entry, I shall begin a new post.

DAY 15: I was working on my Faith-book today, adding in quotes and doodles to the back of my monthly dividers that I colored in the last 30-Day-Coloring-Challenge and then laminated them. Here's two of the four that I colored --
Tomorrow, DAY 16: will be on a new post, so click here if you want to continue. . .