Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Special Colors of the Christian Year

What's your religious persuasion? If you have a faith relationship with Jesus Christ, do you pick any of these colors as you make your paper crafting color choices during these Holy seasons?

Here's a list of the colors most commonly used during these seasons and what they represent:
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Colors for Advent: Purple or blue; purple symbolizes both penitence and royalty; blue is the color of hope.

In stained glass windows, blue is symbolic of spiritual love, constancy and fidelity, so it is no surprise that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is usually shown wearing a blue cloak.

Christmas Season & Day of Epiphany: White and gold because they are joyous, festive colors.

In stained glass windows, Mary's robe is white, the color of purity, and she is frequently shown with a vase of white lilies.The three kings wear royal colors of red, gold, and purples.

Season after the Epiphany: First and last Sundays white; other Sundays green represents growth, a mark of honor, or the color of repentance.

Lent: Purple, a royal color that also signifies penitence and preparation.

Ash Wednesday: Gray or other dark earth tones are especially appropriate as are rough textures such a burlap or linen to suggest sack cloth and ashes. Purple, the Lenten color may be used.

Holy Week: Purple, the Lenten color may be used, or red may be used to symbolize the blood of Christ.

In stained glass windows, red may be the symbol of blood and suffering.

Easter: White and gold are joyous and festive colors to use at Easter season.

In stained glass windows, yellow or gold is symbolic of the sun, and hence the Son of God, however it can also represent deceit, jealousy, cowardice or treason.

Pentecost: Red or red on white. Red, the color of fire, represents the Holy Spirit.

Season after Pentecost: The basic color is green symbolizing growth in Christ. White is used on Trinity Sunday, All Saints Day, and Christ the King Sunday. Red may be used on civic holidays.

In stained glass windows, green is a symbol of hope.
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1/15/2018 Update: I ran across a website called "Disabled World: Towards Tomorrow" who has published an online list or chart of colored Awareness Ribbons used by the Disabled here

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  1. So nice to know about all the makes them all so much more meaningful! Thanks for the research :)


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