Wednesday, November 16, 2016

!!! Let the 30-Day Coloring Challenge Continue !!!

DAY 16: (Continued from this post) Can you believe it? We're half-way through November! As I was going through some files on this computer, I found a list of quotes I discovered while reading through 10 years of Stephanie Ackerman's blogging. One is apropos for this challenge, so here 'tis:
A quote from First for Women magazine:

"According to British researchers, doodling and coloring instantly revs mental energy, concentration and focus by 29 percent. And all the study subjects did to get that brain boost was shade in shapes for 2 1/2 minutes. The precise, repetitive motion stimulates the brain's alertness center."
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I used both coloring and water-coloring pencils on this sheet. I used coloring pencils where I wanted solid color and the water-coloring pencils on the inside where I wanted diffused color. I was able to layer the two water-color greens, one on top of each other. The lighter tint first and then near the stripes, a darker band for shading. Then when I got near the end of coloring, I decided to add in the doodle dangles. The stars are a little wonky, but I expect I'll get better at drawing them with practice, huh? grin!

DAY 17: 
I did the same with this one -- colored pencils around the outside edges of the frame and water-color pencils on the inside. We went to the KC Zoo today 😊 , so I'm late getting my coloring done for today.

DAY 18: Today is all colored pencils.
DAY 19:
I used a Sharpie white pen in addition to colored pencils today to restore some "lost" details that were hidden by the black colored pencil.


DAY 20:

 my coloring is at the end. fell and broke right hand, gash over right eye glued together and glasses broken. thankful right eye ok as far as I know. will miss my coloring :( will be in splint until Christmas so happy holidays you  all!


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