Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thanks Teabag Folding Card

I decided to feature some old and some new cards on my blog that highlight the recycled bits I’ve added to create my card. In this case, I’m folding real teabag envelopes together, not using the standard scrapbook paper that so many others do and in doing so, I’m using up the stash of free paper I’ve been saving and recycling it into something useful. Below are the instructions on how to fold the teabag envies and constructing the card.

Don’t these blue and white envies remind you of the sailor suits that little boys used to wear?

Stamp: Stampcraft/Plaid, 800.842.4197 (440D287)
Dianne J. Hook - Thanks

EK Success, (1 inch circle)
Marvel Education Co., 212-662-7005 (star thumb punch)
McGill Craftivity, 800.982.9884,
(2 inch circle)

1. Fold 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch cardstock in half width wise to make a rectangle.Measure 6 1/2 inches from one short side and cut through both pieces to make your base card. Cut a piece of brown cardstock 5 inches x 5 inches and attach to base.
2. Punch out one 1-inch circle (EKSuccess), one 2-inch circle (McGill) & four stars (Marvel Education). Glue stars to corners of brown cardstock.
3. Cut 8 teabag sleeve fronts (makes two quarts pitcher of iced tea) into 2 inch squares. Fold in half, corner to corner, to find the center of the front of the sleeve. Open, then make a kite fold. Turn over.

See illustration:

4. Tape four half kites around circle at the cardinal points (north, east, west, & south) evenly, then distribute the other four and tape down. Points, in center, will overlap slightly.
5. Attach 1-inch circle in center of 2-inch circle. Punch a hole through
centers of circles & center of tea-bag pin-wheel. Insert flower brad through
all & fold prongs down.

6. Stamp thanks and attach to card. Insert two mini-flower brads on either side.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Yes it would be fabulous to share a cup of tea. Pleased you are enjoying the Olympics, did you see the opening ceremony?
    Great things going on at YOUR blog.
    Love and blessings Joan in England


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