Monday, November 21, 2011

Paper Ephemera List

I found a Mary Engelbreit book on collections at a thrift store and after my article on FREE Address labels, I got to thinking about all the paper ephemera I could use on my cards and in my scrapbooks. So here’s a list of such to remind me of what I could use. This is minus the paper that might have historical significance in the future, such as ledger notebooks, old letters, and the like. (I watch “Antiques Roadshow” and “History Detectives” on my local PBS station!) If I was to going to use old letters, recipes and the like on cards, I would photocopy the original, then insert the historical document in protective acid-free plastic sleeves and keep in a heritage scrapbook.

alphabet stencils or stamped alphabet tags; bookmarks; bookplates; brochures; button cards; bumper stickers; calendar prints; can labels; candy and gum wrappers; catalog illustrations; clothing labels; comic books/newspaper comics; crepe paper; cupcake picks; doodles/scribbles; drugstore medicine warning sheets; file folders; folded origami items; food labels & stickers; game papers; gift labels; gift wrap; gold lining in envies/gift boxes; honeycomb tissue fold-outs; incomplete decks of playing cards; index cards; library card pockets; library cards; magazine fonts; magazine illustrations; magazine pull-outs; milk bottle top circles; monopoly money; National Geographic magazine illustrations; old grocery lists; packaging chipboard; paint chip sample cards; paperback book pages; paper cording; paper fans; paper doilies; paper lace; paper napkins; paper ribbon; paper sacks; paper tablecloths; photocopies; photo corners; poetry; pogs; postage stamps; postmarks; quotes; rolodex cards; register paper rolls; reproductions of vintage ephemera; ribbon spool labels; saint cards; scripture cards; single-size sample packets; security envelope patterns; seed packets; sewing notion labels; sewing pattern envies; sewing pattern tissue; soap box labels; stampies (extra stamped images); sticky notes; store receipts; tags; teabag envelopes; teabag labels; telephone message pads; tickets; tissue paper; tracing paper; used greeting cards; used, dyed dryer sheets; used notebook paper; vintage paper clock/watch faces; and wallpaper/borders


  1. Whew....that's a great post! Thanks for the wonderful ideas :)

  2. Some of my favorite ephemera are pages from old notebooks full of someone's class notes--the papers are aged a lovely shade of brown.


  3. Good thing there are so many uses for paper (and some who love paper) since there is so darn much paper!!!


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