Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Second Week of the 30-Day Coloring Challenge

Here's a second page of Mary Engelbreit's coloring book.
I don't know if you can see it, but I love the texture of the marker this time
as I swirled it  around in circles to color in the background.
Click on pic to enlarge for comparison between today's photo
and tomorrow's when you come back to see it.
Tomorrow I will add in shading with a colored pencil.
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Day 9: Kathy's Baby Card

I colored this blind, that is,
although I own about 65 books + by Mary Engelbreit,
I didn't find this illustration in any of my collection
to study and color by, so I added in the shading by the seat of my pants!
Oh, and that's washi tape around the edges.
I attached it to my February divider in my Documented Faith binder.
I will laminate it at the end of the month as I want to use the
other side as a bulletin board to tape quotes, notes, and stuff to it.

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Day 10:  Another Baby Card of Kathy's

Some of these Mary Engelbreit illustrations for her coloring book
must have been created for a later calendar which I don't have.
So again I'm coloring blind, because I don't know what colors
this illustration was originally, so I'm coloring it my own.
I got to the very last thing -- coloring the sky --
and I had to give my baby blue marker the last rites
'cause it dead -- no more ink.
So then it became a mad scrabble to find something
I could use -- and my baby blue ink pad also got the last rites --
and the next shade darker was used like a watercolor.
My water pen came out to play and I got the job done.
I don't know if you can tell, near the tail, I had a little disaster of too much water,
then I remembered the little trick that Stephanie Ackerman recommends
and that is to pounce a folded paper towel on the bubble of paint to
soak up some of the excess. It didn't quite get it all, which I tried to fix
with the white galaxy marker. Come back tomorrow to see the transformation
with the dry coloring pencil shading.
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Day 11: Kathy's Celebrate Card

It's all in the layering!

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Day 12: Kathy's Out of this World Card

Today I decided, since I didn't have anything but an inkpad to color sky,
I'd experiment using inkpads to "watercolor" today's new coloring sheet.
You need flexible inkpad lids to squeeze the inkpad and lid together.
I added 3 drops of water to the ink in the lid and stirred it up
to make my watercolor "paint" until. . .
I ran out of inkpad colors. sigh!
I had to break out the big Marvy brush markers for the rest of the colors,
but the ink in them also became watercolor paint.
You only need to add 1 or 2 drops of water to make it paint
on your palette.
Remember, your "paint" will lighten up some as it dries.

The paper is lightweight printer paper, so you can't scrub it like watercolor paper.
You can only go over it once or twice before it starts pilling.
It also wrinkled a bit. I should tape it to my table with painter's tape
before I watercolor it like my mother does -- she's a watercolor artist.
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Day 13:  Kathy's Accents on Roses

I don't think this counts as coloring since I water-colored the
heart paper used inside this Valentine on Day 7,
however I was crafting as I had an ATC club meeting to attend the
next day. Our theme was "dreams" and I also wanted to give the gals in our
group a Valentine, so I combine the two ideas.
The white punched heart insert is an idea I believe I got from Jennifer McGuire.
And the flip-flops represent feet -- you can talk the talk and never reach your dreams
or you can put feet on your dreams and walk the walk.

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Day 14:  Congrats to all that made Kathy's Coloring List today!

I think I need to take lessons in coloring from some of those people who made Kathy's list. Wow! However, I know I am improving!
I didn't really color today in ATC club, however, we made the usual jam,
which means, everybody donates three cards in the colors pre-selected,
in this case, lavender and pink. Then three people add stuff to those
three cards. After the third person works on one card, it is put into a pile
and when all cards are finished, there is are three drawings for the cards and we each
get to select one three times. The top two I worked on and the bottom one was
just plain pretty!

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Day 15: Kathy's coloring tutorial (orchids)

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 Update: Continue with the third week of the 30-Day Coloring Challenge here. 


  1. thanks for popping by and commenting on my elephant card. these are all so sweet and the shading adds so much dimension!

  2. These are adorable! You're doing great with your colouring! You really brought these images to life! Love the kitty the best - so cute!

    1. Thank you ladies! I'm enjoying myself tremendously during this coloring challenge. grin!


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