Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kathy Raccoosin's 4th 30-Day Coloring Challenge

Begins February 1, 2016
And I'm joining her for the 2nd time!
She's gonna be giving goodies away and, weekly, will be
 showcasing a coloring project that catches her eye --
So get those coloring books together you got for Christmas -- I received three! --
(By all means, you may pre-stamp or use computer printed digital images too.) 
plus organize your supplies -- that means -- 
crayons, markers, paints, pencils, watercolors, etc.
whatever coloring mediums you own,
And  join us for some coloring "spa" therapy every day for 30-days!

P.S. Before I forget, you'll need to read
 this stuff you need to know before you begin! !

And please use the hash tag #TheDailyMarker30Day
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Day 1: Kathy's Cute Card

Kathy compiled all her markers together into a 3-tier cart
that she purchased at Ikea which reminded me of
a 3-tier wire mesh cart on wheels that
I was using out on the front porch for plants.
However, being as how it is winter here,
I walked quickly to the porch,
pulled all the pots out of it
and scrubbed it down in the shower.
She also had cute little fabric sacks that she put all her markers in
and I was going to make some too until
I discovered my sewing machine wasn't working -- sigh! --
so anyway, I took a photo of all my coloring
pencils, so I won't have marker envy from you,
but coloring pencil envy! grin!

Last time I began the coloring challenge with a Stephanie Ackerman digi
and this time around I began with it again, however,
I purchased two white pens, a Sakura Gelly Roll (38) pen
and an American Crafts Galaxy Marker (#62122 white).
The gelly roll pen doesn't always work over the waxy coloring pencil,
so the marker comes in handy for that.
One draw-back is the larger tip though.
click to enlarge if needed

I didn't look at my coloring of this digi from the last challenge,
however, I believe it is much improved.
I've been studying shadow placement,
watching copic marker and
coloring pencil videos since the last challenge. 
I also used three shades of each color as well as using an eraser
and the white pen for highlights.
So what do you think compared to last time?
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Day 2: Kathy's Birthday Card

I was surprised by the blog hop today so thought I might make a
quick card instead of the coloring page I had planned for today.
The flower is my own doodle. I traced around two round things
from my kitchen on printer paper, made two leaves,
 and colored it all in with colored pencils.

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Day 3: Kathy's Mouse Card

I wanted to try something new and that is to color a coloring page
(Mary Engelbreit; received for Christmas) in marker
first, then go over it the next day in colored pencils for the shading.
So here's my coloring page in markers -- you need to use long strokes with
brush markers to get a smooth finish -- however,
I discovered some of my markers are drying up.
They are the first set of Stampin' Up marker colors.
I got them for half-price, because I purchased them used.
The seller wanted the new colors and her husband wouldn't let her
buy a new set until she sold her old set, so I got a bargain,
cause I've had them for years! grin!
I like Kathy's idea of buying markers every time
she receives a  50% off coupon in the mail.
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I follow Stephanie Ackerman's Documented Faith 2016
and the coloring page is to decorate January's
divider page in my faith-book binder.
I want to get it laminated so it's a little studier and to keep it clean.  
Here is it after I added in the coloring pencil
over the marker ink. The black washi tape is where
the tab is located at. All of it didn't fit into my scanner bed.

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Day 5: Power Poppy
Anybody remember the scratch pictures we made in elementary
school art classes? Well, last night I found a book on clearance
at a used book store on how to make them
and I decided to try my hand at it again.
1. You cover a piece of smooth white cardstock, cut down into the size you need, 
with a heavy coat of crayons in multiple colors. Make any design you like.
2. Then completely cover the colorful background with a heavy coat of black crayon.
It said you could also cover the background with black paint, but that you had to find a paint that would work well as some are harder to scratch through than others.
3. After the background is completely covered with black, then use a tool to scratch the surface. They suggested taking a dowel rod the size of a pencil in circumference and sharpen one end in a pencil sharpener, which I did. I have a jar of 12" dowel rods I bought at Walmart some time ago. Or you can use a fork, anything with a sharp point on the end.
4. You can design your own picture or they suggested using a stencil to scratch through the black crayon or paint to the rainbow colors underneath. And to protect the surface, from stray scratches or ground in crayon crumbs, lay a piece of paper on top under your working hand. I also added in a sentiment.
5. They said to protect the surface of the scratched picture, cover the surface with clear packing tape. Be sure to gently whisk off crayon crumbs, or you will have bumps in your tape. It was fun to do and I may have to make another.
   Here's my card:
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 Day 6: Lasting Hearts
You know when you don't like something, right?
I don't like this card, but I'm making myself post it anyway.
It's not the fault of the digi from Highlander Celtic Stamps,
but the cardmaker. I bombed today --
however, I did apply color.
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Congrats everybody!
Stephanie Ackerman inspired these painted hearts.
I used my Stargazers by US Art Quest Watercolor Palette
(10 Pearlescent & Metallic Colors),
my water brush, and my pinkie (to prop my hand up from touching painted surface)
while I painted forward and backward commas to make the hearts.
I painted 4 sheets.

 Update: Continue with the second week of the 30-Day Coloring Challenge here.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, hope to see some your colouring along the way. I have plenty of projects in mind to keep me busy at the moment so maybe next year for me. :-)

  2. Oh DJ no way no way, I don't do coloring books--they stress me out something fierce!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the warm weather this week. :)

    1. Well, we'll miss you two! Meanwhile I shall have me some fun! grin!

  3. Looks MUCH improved and elaborated as compared to the previous version! Your shadowing looks great!

  4. No color books for me either- only stamped or drawn images! :) And I do envy your color pencil collection. And of course, your coloring has improved a lot!! Very beautiful coloring. Love the coloring you did on your circular flower!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It made me very happy today!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by and saying your howdy's!

  6. Well done DJ your colouring is improving a treat. You are achieving a much more natural look, probably helped by your love all things Mary Engelbreit. Carry on the good work, you are an inspiration to us all.

    1. Thank you Joan for stopping by to say hi! I guess practice does make perfect, right?

  7. You have fun and enjoy the coloring adventure! I think the coloring is much better this time too and using the white pens really made the colors pop more.

  8. Super fantastic! Will be posting my coloring projects on my blog ( on Sunday. You will be happy to know that I changed the commenting options there, so you will now be able to leave a comment as a guest. =)

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I shall look forward to viewing your projects!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! I had to chuckle! Yes, I am a bit of a challenge queen - I seem to want to support them all! That's where I get my inspiration and it's a big part of my blogging/crafting hobby! You are doing great with your colouring! This has been a tough challenge for me, making time to colour every day, but so far, so good! Keep up the great colouring!

    1. You are welcome! This lady had so many challenges on her blog that she was entering I could not believe my eyes!

  10. Your coloring looks wonderful, and I love your coloring cart with everything all organized (I need something like that!) I'm "trying" to keep up with the 30 day challenge, I've made it to day 5 so far (sharing all of my stuff on Instagram but not all of it on my blog).

  11. Love your coloring! Never have I thought to use pencils over markers. It really adds a lot and looks fantastic. So pretty!! Saw your comment on my blog and thank you! Learned all I know about shaping flowers from the Heartfelt Creations blog and tutorials. I think the secret is a light mist of water on the backside just before shaping. When dry, the shape holds! Check them out. Happy coloring!!!! :)

  12. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Yes, I follow Stephanie Ackerman, love her work and style! I started a faith art journal a while back and haven't done a page in quite a while. I shared my pages on blog, they were fun to do. I should work on it again! God bless.

  13. Thank You for sharing your coloring for The Daily Marker 30 Day. Great cards.

  14. I remember the coloring you've showcased in your last card! All creations you've showcased are beautiful!

  15. Loved seeing all of your work and the Frugal Crafter's Motto is great but I don't know if I should share it with my husband ; )

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting it! I highly appreciate every your comment.
    Your Power Poppy card seems to look amazingly stellar! Such deep colors, I can hardly believe my eyes it was created with crayons. Great done!


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