Monday, October 12, 2015

30-Day Coloring Challenge Continues

See my first ten days of colored projects during this 30-Day Coloring Challenge.
Day 11:
My friend, Peggy, brought a few of her Mary Engelbreit rubber stamps
 and made some stamp-offs for me after our
ATC club meeting today. I colored a few to meet my
coloring challenge for today.
Day 12:

When I got home last night, I realized I had no idea what colors
to use on these stamp-offs. I recognize Mary Engelbreit's art
for as much as her color combinations as well as what she illustrates.
So I pulled out several of the books she has illustrated from my personal library
(I have approximately 65 of her books)
and found the illustration above, however, for the one below,
I had to wing it.
Day 13:
Kathy's Sparkly Pegusus Birthday Card

I went out to the craft barn and dug in my "Ka-Ka" stash and
found some stamp-offs I forgot I had, so I got to work coloring them tonight.
They almost look like a flower garden. . .
But here is an up close photo so you can see how I colored Mary Engelbreit's flowers in.
The tip of my pointy finger is quite numb tonight! LOL!
 I practiced using light pressure vs. harder pressure on the coloring.
You can see that in the blue and pink flowers and the leaves.
I also blended colors -- leaves and flower centers.
And used a white pencil to smooth out the red pencil pigment.
It really worked like a blender pencil.
Now if only these flowers had dies to go with them, I'd be a super happy camper.
Day 14:
What color(s) make you happy?
Somebody sent me an email today about colors and
it reminded me of an old post I had forgotten about.
I joined this coloring challenge,
not to make cards as some are doing, but to practice coloring.
Later, I can put the elements to good use in projects.
The sun above is part of the leftovers from my August ATC making.
But I did color a card front I found in my stash yesterday.

This is an old Stampin' Up set of rubber stamped images.
I added a few details with my colored pencils like the clouds and the tree bark.
And then I went back to bits of this and that.

The above snowmen are from an old Stampin' Up set, too, I think.

The flowers above were intended as a bit of a background and
I also colored in a cute corner or two.
Wanna watch Mary Engelbreit color in a drawing? Click here.
Day 15:

I think both these images are from a friend's Penny Black rubber stamps. . .
I've been looking very carefully at how ME shades her figures. . .
Part of the challenge for myself this month
 is becoming confident in the use of color.
Day 16:

Learned a fellow 30-Day Coloring Challenge
friend's mother passed away Sunday.
So here's a card in memory of her mother!

Shepherd stamp is by Highlander Celtic Stamps,
 the sentiment is by Inkadinkado,
the sheep is a stamp-off from a friend. 
Day 17:

Colorblock Technique
Make three circles by tracing around something round with a pencil, pen or marker,
anywhere on the page.
Save these three circles for stamping two images and a sentiment &/or for stickers.
Then, using a straight-edge ruler,
draw lines in the rest of the space to make "blocks."
You may stamp in the blocks and color in.
Day 18:
Sorry folks, I was really tired,
been working on a couple of genealogical articles for one of my other blogs,
so I elected to go to bed
instead of staying up and coloring.
Day 19:
Kathy's Guesting on Power Poppy -- It's a Cool Christmas Card!

One of my nieces sent me some black and white doodled coloring pages,
one of which I colored tonight.
The artist is: Deborah Muller.
Did you know that blue, green, and lavender are calming colors?
And pink is an appetite suppressant?
Supposedly, if you want to lose weight, paint your kitchen walls a bright pink!
 Day 20:

I was going to use my watercolor pencils tonight,
but first I have to find my aqua (water) brush.
I'm still trying to organize my craft barn.
So. . . tonight, it's still coloring pencils on one of those coloring sheets
niece shared with me.
After I got done coloring, it seemed like it still needed something and
I remembered that Mary Engelbreit uses black so effectively to pop colors,
so I used a fine-tip sharpie marker to reink the lines
and a light grey pencil to add some shadows.
I believe adding both helped.

I am Thankful & Blessed For God is with me!  
See my last ten days of projects during this 30-Day Coloring Challenge.


  1. Looks like you had fun painting, both pieces are lovely!

  2. Super cute coloring fun, DJ!

    Thank you my friend for stopping by, I really do appreciate your visits and e-mails!


  3. You have been busy since I stopped by the last time. Love seeing all your pieces of artwork!


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