Monday, December 25, 2017

Doodled Friendship Zine

I've been hanging out a lot at YouTube and discovered "CraftyHodges" work. Love her colorful work, especially her "zines," so decided to try making my own. 

Since I don't have all the artwork that she has in her collection nor a working printer, I decided to doodle my own according to the way she taught how to fold and cut the "zine" (she's a good teacher!) Here's the directions to make one if you want to try it. 

Here's my water-colored one: 

And what it looks like folded as the zine. Front cover.
First spread. If you add double face tape or glue along the inside bottom edges and along the back of the folds, you can have pockets for extra goodies. On this spread, the first pocket opening is to the left and on the right page, it opens up at the top. 
Second spread. Pocket opening is upper right and on the right side of the spread, the pocket opens at the side. 

Third spread. Pocket opens on the left side and pocket opening is above "BFF."

 Back cover.

Hope you try it. It was really fun to make! 


  1. Wonderful designs. That is great doodling.

  2. Dorothy, this turned out absolutely adorable!! I love it - so bright and cheerful. Great job on creating this and thinking outside the box to use what you had on hand! xxoo

    1. Thank you stopping by Joanne and leaving a comment. I am so honored! smile!

    2. LOL...just so sorry my fingers typed Dorothy when I was thinking Dolores! Thank you so much for the shoutout too!

    3. I've been called worse! smile! You are most welcome!


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