Friday, June 2, 2017

Newest Cell Phone Pocket

Got a new phone 'cause my old slider phone was being phased out and of course, I had to make a new phone pocket for it because my favorite black and white checked one was too narrow. I found some black and white chenille Trait-Tex spool yarn by Pacon Corporation  (abt. baby weight) at a thrift store and bought it to make my new phone pocket. I made it in the round with a size G crochet hook using these directions, but left off the belt loop on the back and made it to wear around my neck as a "necklace" ornament and added fringe to the bottom of the pocket. I wanted a heart on the front, but the crocheted heart I made didn't suit me, so I stitched on a bright red felt heart instead with black embroidery thread, which I like much better.


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