Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 16: Second Half 30-Day-Coloring Challenge

Kathy Racoosin's 30-Day Coloring Challenge continues from this previous post!
#the dailymarker30day
July 5-Aug 5, 2016
DAY 16:
Kathy's Splattered Background

ME: The more I watercolored the worse it got, so guess Kathy's not the only one to have off-days. grin!
Wowsa!!! Thank you, Kathy, for featuring me!
DAY 17:
ME: I'm a little happier with today's coloring page. I have a friend whose favorite color is purple 'cause, you know, she's Royalty as she's the daughter of the KING! grin! So I was thinking of her tonight as I was water-coloring this sheet.


DAY 18:
Kathy -- Mama Elephant 

ME: Here's another Stephanie Ackerman coloring sheet in landscape, both with the same illustration on each side. I thought about putting one or the other on a background, laminating it and adding it to my Documented Faith
notebook.  I added "spatters" like Kathy made two days ago on one of the backgrounds. Which one do you like better?

DAY 19:
Kathy's Dotty Coloring Creation that's finished.

DAY 20:
I can't believe it! Kathy featured me! And on my off-day too! See my Day 16 coloring page! Can you see me jumping (in spirit! No way am I getting off the ground. This bird's bottom heavy!) and flapping my arms (wings), like one of those ladies on a game show! grin!

DAY 21:
Kathy's coloring on the fly.


DAY 22:
Kathy's Sweet Little Girl

ME: I'm slowly but surely filling up this page.  Here's a Stephanie Ackerman page that I watercolored, cut out and taped to a gingham background and inserted into a clear document sleeve for my Documented Faith-book.

DAY 23:
Kathy's artistic touch on a background - she added some doodled flair!

ME: I'm sorry, I won't be adding a coloring sheet tonight. I just received word that my friend, Mark Stansell of Stamp-a-mania,  has lost his battle to cancer and passed away Tuesday evening . If you would like to send his wife, Cynthia,  a sympathy card, send it to this address = Cynthia Stansell, Stamp-a-mania Rubber Stamps, P.O. Box 1312, Ruidoso, NM 88355-1312.  Thank you, I'm sure you understand.

DAY 24:
Kathy's Mermaid and Giveaway

 I had watched Stephanie Ackerman's watercolor video some time ago, but found this one last night and picked out one of my coloring sheets that had the same kind of scallops and tried a wet on wet technique with my aqua brush. I think maybe watercolor pencils might make the scallops better with a better diffuse. Of course, this is printers paper, not watercolor paper, so the properties of it are a lot different. You can't use a lot of water, just the barest amount or the paper will pill up or get muddy -- that's the problem I had with the gratitude saying on the coloring sheet above. To prepare the paint, I squirt only about 3 drops of water from a medicine dropper into the paint well, let it soak a minute and then commenced painting.
I don't squeeze my aqua brush while I'm painting, but just use the water that's already present in the brush. To clean the brush,  I wipe the color off the brush, then squeeze water out to rinse the bristles on a rag/paper towel when I want to change color. Start with the lightest color and work your way down to the darkest. I think adding in the dots and "eyelashes" with a white paint pen and black fine-line sharpie marker like Kathy does really makes  the illustrations pop!

DAY 25:
Kathy's Cherry Blossom Girl

ME: I painted this page today and answered the first question on my list of faith-book journaling prompts that I compiled to get me to thinking about my Christian faith. Today's paragraph was added to a coloring sheet designed & doodled by Stephanie Ackerman.

DAY 26:
Kathy's Pineapple Wreath Card

ME: I only bought three Gorjuss girl rubber stamps from the Scrapbook show a few weeks ago. I stamped out a few on of one particular one and watercolored them in for the ATC club I attend at Ink, Paper, Rubber store on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Link for the club is up in the side menu (It gives the theme & colors of the 3 backgrounds for the jam session). Here's some extra's that I had leftover. . .

I began with the lightest tint of brown for her skin color, then next lightest for her hair, then next darkest brown for shadows, along with a shadow underneath her. Also the dress got a wash of brown over the orange. Then I used my Sharpie paint pen to add dots to her dress.

DAY 27:
Kathy's Feature Day!


DAY 28:
Kathy's Shaker Card


DAY 29:
Kathy's gorgeous floral kraft card

ME: I'm going to have to figure out how much water to add to get a lighter tint of pigment. I wasn't very successful in today's painting trying to do that in the blue background. Even using a rag to try to mop up some of the pigment didn't go so well, because I was trying not to contaminate other parts of the picture with a dirty rag. Good thing for the Sharpie Paint Pen -- dots cover up a whirl of mess! grin!

DAY 30:
Kathy, Thank You! She featured an artist named Eun Ji Jung.

ME: Since I missed so many days of Kathy's 30-Day coloring Challenge, I'm going to be working backwards and adding in coloring projects until I make-up what I missed.  So here's my Day 30!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My 3rd 30-Day-Coloring Challenge

It's that time of the year again! Kathy Racoosin's 30-Day-Coloring Challenge.

#the dailymarker30day
July 5-Aug 5, 2016
Last Friday night, my husband and I went to hear a presentation by a photographer named Bruce Matthews. He has published 4 books in collaboration with the Kansas City Star books and is working on his next one. He mentioned during his speech about the use of stained glass windows in churches and hospitals. He said there is growing evidence that color can be a part of the healing process, so this morning I did some googling on the use of stained glass windows and color in healthcare. His reference was our Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital. They have made use of stained glass windows throughout the hospital.
I remember asking our therapist, Dr. Grace Ketterman, who diagnosed our family with ADD fifteen years ago, about the use of color in a child's bedroom, if it was valid theory and she said yes, it's a proven fact that color can affect mood. One of the things she wanted us to do during the winter was to use at least 100 watt wide spectrum light bulbs in our home as the lights would imitate sunlight with its rainbow of colors  and would help alleviate the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
 DAY 1

My Coloring Project For Day 1:
I'm following Stephanie Ackerman's Documented Faith 2016 and back in May she sent us a doodled coloring page to do and guess who is just getting around to painting it? grin! I had firework smoke hangover today, so wasn't feeling my best and waited until the last minute to watercolor and upload Stephanie's doodled digi.
Today I water-colored backgrounds. So I have a bunch in every color of the rainbow hanging to dry on one of those old-fashioned, wooden laundry racks.
I got some rubber stamping done last night, but just as I was getting ready to color it in, my husband came to ask me to come cut his hair and trim his bushy beard. I'd been pestering him for several days to let me cut it, so, you all who are married understand that scenario, right? grin! Although, come to think of it, doesn't black and white colors count, Kathy?
DAYS 4-6:
Kathy's Day 4 -- Water-colored Postcards
ME: I'm filling in where I missed (I know, it's not the same as doing it during Kathy's 30 Day coloring challenge, but I'm determined to finish), so here's one day -- I colored this page in with markers.
Kathy's Day 5 -- Quick Post
ME: Here's the second day -- this is the last monthly divider I needed to finish for my Documented Faith-book. It's always amazing to me, how much a difference there is between my first day to second day. From using light colors on the background to the finished state with the dry colored pencils.
Kathy's Day 6 --  It's All About You
We attended a family reunion and a birthday party  down in the country this last weekend and I didn't have access to the internet there. Didn't sweat it as I knew I would color again once I returned home and had access to a scanner and the Wi-Fi.
DAY 7:
Kathy's Day 7 -- Blog Hop and Giveaway.
I had some oopsie pages from the previous stamping pages, so I cut out the flowers, watercolored them and enhanced them with dots and dashes like Kathy has done to some of her images. I left the top one plain so you can see how I enhanced them with a black fine-line sharpie and a white gel pen. Click on them to enlarge to see details.
DAY 8:
Kathy's -- Doodle Coloring
ME: I tried to emulate Kathy's Doodle flowers only in opposite colors as I still had some flowers left over from the oopsie pages that I fussy cut out and glued to a quarter page, then watercolored. Now I have a background I can use on a card sometime. Kinda reminds me somewhat of a bandana handkerchief. What do you think?
DAY 9:

Kathy's -- feather card

ME: This is a coloring page from a Gratitude Coloring Book that I found a couple of months ago at Half-Price Bookstore with a quote by Doris Day -- "Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty." I used the black fine-line marker and white paint pen to restore and add in the details.
DAY 10:

What? Kathy watercolored with coffee!
Me: Another Stephanie Ackerman coloring sheet. . .
DAY 11-13:
Kathy's -- Mermaid Altered Stamps

ME: Day 2 colored - front
Kathy's Blog Hop

ME: Day 2 colored - back

Kathy's Featured coloring projects


DAY 14:
Kathy's Zig Marker Shaker Card

ME: I appreciate not only the military personnel, but also our police officers, who stand in for me to serve and protect. . .

DAY 15:
Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

ME: My asthma is thankful for my husband today. He was able to come home from work and help clean up an ammonia mess that my elbow created when I pulled the dryer lint trap out to clean. PU!