Monday, July 13, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

I was able to finish my artist trading cards (atc) down at the motel where we were staying while my hubbin's family reunion was going on this last weekend, but then didn't have any time to collect materials for the "jam" session Sunday afternoon after we got back, but all the ladies were generous and shared with me. Perhaps I can do in kind for them sometime.
Two of the ladies that were there last time were missing, but we had a new-to-me "friend" who had been a founding member of the club who came back to visit and she selected several of my extra cards. Perhaps it will give her an incentive to come back! *wink* 

One of the missing ladies had an idea I forgot to mention in the last post that I really liked and that was a plastic container full of sentiment strips (phrases, words) that she had collected while working for the former K & Company. I liked that idea so much that I've been collecting all the atc -- sized sentiment stamps I have into a pile, so that I  can stamp off some too for a box to take with me to the jam sessions. I wondered if I should cut the paper into strips first or wait until my sheet is full before I cut it down. What's your thoughts on that?
The first card is my contribution to the swap. The theme was "Happy Endings." I used a Mary Engelbreit sun stamp and because I wanted a sunset and tried to think of something that would be easy to transport, I chose watercolor pencils to do the background over stamped and heat-embossed clear "stars." I should have used a white embossing powder I think. It probably would have shown up better than the white watercolor paper under the clear. And then I couldn't get the watercolor pencils to muddy up as well as watercolor paint probably would have. Oh well -- live and learn!
Click to enlarge.

1. Swap Cards, 2. Jam Cards, and 3. An extra swap!


  1. I like your mini works of art. Sounds like you had fun!

  2. I love the idea for that watercolor card, but I see your point. The 'stars' don't show up very well. Good to know!

  3. My husband suggested drawing stars around the embossed stars with a black fine tip marker. I did a few, but I personally didn't like it, so I left mine plain. I wanted just a hint of twinkling stars, not ones that looked like they were shouting at me "here I am!" *grin*

  4. Your sunset card fits perfectly into the theme…great colours. All the other cards look lovely too.


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