Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Art Museum Field Trip

My husband's nephew is really into reptiles and Greek and Roman history and while he was up in the city visiting his grandparents this summer, we invited him to a day of museum and nature center field trip tours. He had never visited an art museum before, so we took him to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and spent several hours there. They have built onto the museum and have much more to go through then the last time we visited with our son back in our homeschooling days. If you decide to visit, be sure to grab a map at the door, because you can easily get lost in there! If you have ever visited a hospital and gotten lost, you will surely understand what I mean! *smile*

I was hoping to be inspired by all the great artwork because I had been invited to a shoebox card party. In the end, I made "happy mail" business-sized envelopes as sample/door prizes using one of Tim Holtz's techniques that he uses on his tags called "Wrinkle-free Distress." Sorry, I don't have a sample for you to see of the ones I made, since every one of them went home with new owners, but they were just like the tags using his second technique displayed in the video below. I also used similar stamps in black ink on the front and backs of the envelopes, then filled them with little goodies to use on cards. I believe everyone enjoyed theirs, 'cause I heard lots of oohs and ahs when they ripped them apart! *wink* It was almost like Christmas!

For your info, sometime ago, I posted a link list of Midwestern Art Museums. I haven't visited many of these, but thot I might throw it out there if you would be interested. I believe my hubby's nephew enjoyed himself and got lots of walking in. I poohed out after the art museum and the Mo. Conservation Discovery Center, so I sat in the car while they visited the Lakeside Nature Center. After all that walking, we were starving, so we went to a little Greek restaurant my hubby knows about and had some very good food. Afterwards he bought us a variety of heavenly baklava for dessert. All of it was so GOOD!