Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A New Improved Walker Bag

When I first made my walker bag, I had sewn ribbons at the corners to hold the bag onto the walker, but I wasn't sure if they were strong enough to hold the bag if I loaded it. I saw a photo of a walker bag made from pint-size overhalls on Pinterest, so decided I could apply the same idea to the bag I made out of the baby crib bumper pad. (see photo here).
 I believe the walker bag I saw had the bib part of the overhalls machine stitched to the fabric before sewing the bag together, but since I had already sewn my bag, I opened the overhalls along the side seams and sewed a seam across the legs just above the snaps at the crotch and set my bag down into it. Next, I centered the overhalls, pinned it into place, then hand-stitched the bib to bag, but didn't sew across the top like the other one. I figured it would give me an extra pocket front and back. And of course, I would be able to utilize the many little pockets on the front and back of the overhalls for pens, coins, tissues, and so forth. I wondered what to make out of the discarded legs and ended up making little pockets out of them too, except I turned them inside out to see the nice plaid fabric lining on the ankle. I thought perhaps I could attach them to the inside of the bib part if needed, with a sewn on snap at each corner. Or, sew a long ribbon to each side and give them to the little girl next door for a play purse.

Well, the overhall straps (for strength) plus the ribbons (for steadiness) was a success! We tried it out last Saturday when my husband, a couple friends, and I went to a town fair up north. It carried two drinks, my camera, plus all kinds of other stuff that we purchased or was handed from booths along the square.

The basket under the seat had suntan lotion, my checkered totebag folded up (in case) and some purchased items. And I had my seat when my legs and back gave out! It was wonderful to be able to watch the long parade sitting down!

Next on the agenda is to figure out how to attach a "perfect" umbrella for portable shade. I figured out that a "perfect" umbrella would collapse, be about 12 inches taller than the lawn chair one I have so I could see out from under it, would be offset by a few inches to cover the side that see's sunshine, namely my arm and to have a silicone rubber grip on the inside of the c-clamp that twists onto the bar at the back of the walker so that it wouldn't rotate on the bar when I sat down.



  1. You are so clever. I admire your talent in the sewing department. I hate sewing myself!

    1. Verna, thank you for stopping by. Sewing for me is a means to an end since I can't always afford to go out and buy something brand-new. Besides I can be creative by re-making two used items purchased from the thrift store into something useful.

  2. Hello Rushed Lady. It was me that wrote to you the other day about your bad back and gardening. I have just read your kind comments. Thank you very much. Natalie on

    on 5/17/14


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