Saturday, August 17, 2013


When I was in the hospital this summer, I received several small flower arrangements. They were so cute. And they were the ones to survive my husband's care the best when he took them home after I was transferred to another hospital because the flower's feet were still in water. Karen brought me a small flowering plant wrapped in red and blue tissue paper (edges of tissue paper were scalloped) and set into a red, white, and blue decorated box about the size of a cut down milk or juice carton with a ribbon handle. I thought what a handy idea -- easily made and festive for Independence Day! Another idea was a tiny small-necked bottle filled with water, a stargazer lily blossom, roses and baby's breath, wrapped in white tissue paper and inserted into a small gift bag. What a great idea for upcycling all those sample condiment bottles and spice jars I've seemed to have accumulated around my house! The gift sack could be one I craft from a brown lunch bag or one I have saved from a previous gift or failing that, a trip to the dollar store for one.
While convalescing at my mother's after the two week hospital stay, my hubbin surprised me with the newest issue (July 2013) of Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine. Lo and behold, Karen had a card published in the Simple Stampin' Gallery (p. 34, Congrats! Karen). The article that caught me eye though was Carol Heppner's altered mini vases on page 14. Oh, another thing to collect! The flower I liked best was the folded rosette medallion made of text scrapbook paper just like the ones I made for my Sunday School kids Easter "baskets." Now that pink bathing tub I brought home from the hospital ought to just hold several of those tiny bottles!

Other suitable bottles & jars for vases (without lids) might be baby food jars, salt & peppers, plastic drink mix cannisters, jelly jars, votive candle jars, scented oil stick jars, old perfume bottles, bath salts bottles, etc.