Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tools from the Past

I was reading a newsletter from the Miami County, KS. Historical Museum. They also had a column called "Tools from the Past: Whatisit?" A couple caught my eye, because they look  like tools we presently use in paper arts. I wondered how many of our craft tools we use today started life in another form?

Click to enlarge


Embossed image from embosser tool above


  1. They look like very sturdy tools.

  2. So cool! Do you have these? I never saw anything like them at all, but most were probably not tools one would have on a farm as that was where I grew up.

    1. I looked at the Brass Armadillo for them (above post), but didn't see any. My hubbin had a seal embosser made to emboss the front page of all the books in his library. If one had a old-fashioned wood or oil cookstove, I would expect the installer would probably have the crimper for the aluminum exhaust piping to vent the fumes outside of the house. It probably depended on who the installer was -- was it a DIY project? Don't know.


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