Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Music Jam-oh!

I'm the designer-secretary for the annual Rush Reunion reminders. This year I just had to use a photo of my husband's 2nd great-grandfather with his fiddle and his son, Loyd Carl, with his banjo. I know my poem isn't very good, but I had fun writin' it up-oh! J Kinda reminds me of those gym classes I hated until they assigned me square dancing one semester! Perhaps they thought it might help my clumsy feet gain grace, but alas it didn't work, however I had loads of fun! 

A Music Jam-o
By Mrs. Dolores J. (O'Neal) Rush, 2013. 

In the little Ozark Mountains
Once upon a time-o
A fellow named William Jasper Sullens
Could play the fiddle just fine-o. 

It is said he could fiddle the night away
And never repeat a song-o
His son Loyd Carl would accompany him
On his little banjo.

Hymn-sings and bluegrass music parties
Were all the rage then-oh
And after a busy day of chores
Would make one's face grin-so. 

How many songs do you know?
Let's stir up music jam-o?
Come to the Rush reunion; after noon
And doh-ray-me with gram-o!


  1. What a terrific photo.....and you are very clever coming up with the poem.

  2. Hi, that image on my blog is created by quilling which is rolling strips of paper into circles. Here is a link to a blog that has a tutorial. The image must have taken forever to create...such patience. http://increations.blogspot.com.au/2009/12/quilling-tips-patterns-and-tutorials.html

  3. I like the poem and the photo is priceless!

    1. And to think I didn't even get to attend this year's reunion because I was in the hospital! Sigh!


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