Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Blog

I have a new blog called "My Gratitude Journal".
 I just posted directions for how to make the stamped Gratitude Journal notebook below.

Come see and please feel free to post what you are thankful for in the comment box below the post!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anniversary Parties and Baby Showers

You know, it's sometimes lonely in blogland. I know this blog is getting read by you lurkers out there because the stats I look at occasionally on my dashboard prove it. I know, I know, just gobbledy-gook to you who don't blog or have websites! LOL! I just wish that some of you would stop in and say your howdy's. I "hear" ya! I'll quit whining, okay? And having a pity-party for myself! I should consider myself blessed that I do have readers! Sigh! J

And speaking of parties, I went to two this last weekend and just had to share the creative stuff I saw at both. My sister-in-laws hosted a reception for their parent's 60th wedding anniversary. My in-laws were asked the secret for their staying together so long and several guys chimed in -- "we get selective hearing after awhile, right?" -- a humorous, teasing, poke in my father-in-law's direction who wears a hearing aid!

Their courting was so romantic! Like Cinderella, my favorite fairy tale, they met at a dance. But alas there was no crystal shoe, but He did write her a letter, she responded, they eloped, and it's been happily after after. Thus the secret staying power, I do believe, has been a commitment of LOVE.

The guest tables were decorated in the center with starched white doilies my mother-in-law crocheted and four graduating heights of goblets turned upside down over white silk flowers. Resting on the top of the stems were white votive candles and scattered around were clear dragon tears suggestive of the clear diamonds of a 60th anniversary. There were also a strand of pearl beads wound around the grouping. Pretty!

Then, next day, one of the cousins of the mother-to-be at the baby shower crafted a cute, cute, cute diaper four-wheeler as a gift. Mama, expecting a son (fore-named Easton), is due sometime in May! Cousin said she purchased most of the items constructing the four-wheeler from the dollar store after she found the directions online. I believe I will have to keep this idea under my hat for the next baby shower I attend. I've made a towel cake for wedding showers (click here for directions), so I don't think this would be too hard for me to make!

Just before coming home, I finally got my hubbin to stop at a flea market I've been eyeing during several other visits "down home." It's at the southwest corner of the junction of 54 Highway (that's the highway between Jefferson City and Osage Beach, 7 miles north of Bagnell Dam) and 52 Hwy (between Eldon and Tuscumbia) down in a little hollow off the road. It's run by PAD (Parents Against Diabetes) and it's called the Thriftiques Marketplace. They had a little of everything. I'm always looking for Mary Engelbreit collectibles and paper scrap ephemera (didn't find any at this visit) but did see a Vera Bradley purse for $15.00. A real steal if you like Vera's purses!