Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fabric Houses

Hey, Merry, look what you inspired me to do! After I saw your cute houses, I was inspired to go home and make a couple of my own. Thanks for directing me to the directions too! When I got home from the library and my little visit online, I realized I had a little fabric house potholder hanging in my kitchen already that I picked up at some thrift store! It's that top one in the picture!
I didn't have wonder under or linen fabric or jumbo rickrack or stuffing, so I used what I had at home. I'm trying to use up what I have already, so I'll have room for new stuff! The polka dot house was crying out for black jumbo rickrack under the roof, but it got the lace trim same as the first one. I used clear bread sacks to stuff the little houses with. The wonder under would have made the fabric lie crisper and would have stopped some of the fraying, but all in all, I think they came out rather wonderful anyway, don't you?
And Merry, since you also like paper arts, have you seen my little paper troll knoll card? I made a couple for my mother and sister one year for their birthdays! They say the way to tell the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! I think that goes for women too, cause I'm having way too much fun with my sewing machine! LOL!

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  1. Aren't they so fun....I too only used what I already had in my stash. No linen but calico. Love the shutters on your window too cute. That pot holder matches perfectly. Love it when I post something and it gets other people playing. :-) Off to check out your troll knoll card.


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