Saturday, October 20, 2012

Outta My Way! I’m Going Shopping

The corner of 119th Street and Metcalf Ave (69 Hwy) in Overland Park, KS. is a crafter’s paradise – there is Walmart, Joann’s and Salvation Army on one side. Directly across Metcalf is Archivers and Hobby Lobby. And across from Archivers is Michael’s. Now (I’m thinking to myself), be sure to grab your shopping list, D, and coupons before heading out the door and hit the clearance aisle before leaving the stores. I’m looking to get my craftin’ fix before long. Yippee, can’t wait!

I was checking out the clearance aisle at one of the stores, when I literally bumped into a nice lady looking at a die cut and I opened the conversation with “Are you a frugal crafter too?” *smile* She said yes and she  was buying clearanced fabric for her new resale shop, which, of course, piqued my interest being the frugal crafter that I am. So here’s my shameless plug for her new 3 story shop, full of furniture at the moment,  which, by the way, isn’t open yet, but hopefully will be soon (she’s supposed to let me know). It’s to be called “The Glittery Goose” and will be down by KU Med hospital on  W. 39th street in the artsy part of Kansas City.

I was over at Lindsay’s blog (another Frugal Crafter) and spotted a new gadget by Inkadinkado I just have to have. I didn’t have a coupon with me and it wasn’t on sale at Hobby Lobby. Lindsay has the round one, but I saw an oval one also. Just be warned though – all the pieces come separately, so it’s gonna have to go on sale down 40% or more before I’d even consider it. The other thing I was thinking about is how can I make my own? I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on -- ah, ha! I have an idea for my stamping jig, but will it be feasible to make? Will have to play and experiment and twist my hubbin’s arm a teensie bit to get him to help me make it. But if I go that way, will it be cost effective?, because I’d have to buy something in order to make it. Ah, the condumdrum of making do versa frugal shopping.

Postscript = I never got my own version of Inkadinkado's stamping gear made, but here it is two years later and while my husband was waiting for me to come out of that necessary room in the back of Joann's, he poked around in the clearance aisle and found nearly the whole set of gears on clearance for $1.00 apiece. Woo hoo! I guess the old saying is true about good things come to those that wait!