Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teabag Folding Card

by Dolores J. Rush

McGill Craftivity, 800.982.9884,
(circle & Scallop Corner)

PunchBunch (purchased from Morningstar Stamps 913-268-5264, 

1. Fold 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch cardstock in half width wise to make a
rectangle.Measure 6 1/2 inches from one short side and cut through both
pieces to make your base card.
2. Punch a 2 inch circle (McGill), a flower (Punch Bunch) and the
four corners (McGill). Attach punched scallops & hearts to corners of card.
(Tip: pick up scalloped pieces of punched corners with tip of tweezers at
very end. Holding glue stick between your thumb & middle finger and
using the tip of first fingernail to anchor the scallop on top of glue, push or
pull across glue to make sticky. Press into place on corner of card.
Do the same with tiny punched heart.)
3. Cut 16 teabag sleeve fronts (makes one gallon of iced tea) into 2 inch
squares. Fold in half, corner to corner,to find the center of the front of the
sleeve. Open, then make a kite fold. Then fold bottom inside corner up to
make a half kite. Turn over.

See illustration (click to enlarge):
 Place half kite at top of card & attach punched circle just under it. Tape four half kites around circle at the cardinal points (north, east, west, & south) evenly, then distribute the other four and tape down. Take the next eight half kites and do the same, except place one-quarter of an inch closer to the center. Tape the punched flower to center, poke a pin-hole & insert tiny flower brad.

5. Insert the tip of your finger into the top half kites to puff up.

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