Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Picnic

By Dolores J. Rush
Mother on a summer day
Put on her apron of gingham gay
Cooked a dish of home-dried fruit
And pressed her husband’s Sunday suit.

Washed the dishes, made the bed
Boxed up fried chicken, loaves of bread
A cake or pie, the butter and jam
Deviled eggs and a bit of ham.

She tied up the dog and fed the cat
Gathered the kids; their ball and bat
Grabbed lawn chairs; a quilt to sit on
Directed daddy to load the wagon.

Putt, putt to the picnic at the park
To see grandma and grandpa, cousin Fred, until dark
To have a bit of frolic and bunches of fun
To splash in the pool and roast in the sun.

Mother brought her latest project, a recipe or two
To share with her sisters and cousins too
A snippet of fabric; a start of a houseplant,
School photos to dole out to all great-aunts.

Mother had a delightful time; a visit with the folks
Her family’s day ended on a gentle note
Full of happy memories; good food; tired bodies too
They couldn’t wait till next year to begin anew.


  1. Brings back lots of precious memories for me. Have a wonderful week.

  2. What a wonderful poem you wrote and that is exactly how it was back then. It now amazes me how much fun we used to have and all the good eating. Thanks for reminding me of this. Hugs and God bless, Verna


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