Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Last Supper

I’ve been going through my ancestral photos as certain family members want copies (that’s why one reason I haven’t been posting as much here as I’m taking care of family business and adding to our genealogy blog. I come from a long line of crafty women and one of the photos I found is of my grandmother’s “Last Supper." She loved dolls and wanted to make a realistic representation of DaVinci’s painting.
To find enough male doll figures (I believe they were GI Joes) Grandma came to town for a visit with a shopping list in hand. She and mom went shopping to buy material for the Biblical costumes she sewed for them and the tablecloth for the table. Also they purchased tiny dishes and clay for the miniature loaves of bread. Some even got wigs of hair glued on and tiny sandals. My Uncle made the long wooden table and benches for the “disciples” and “Jesus” to sit at. Grandma displayed her creation for many years on her sideboard at Easter and after she passed away, my mother displayed it on top of her restored upright piano. It might have graced the communion table a time or two at our home church during the holidays too.

I bet my preschoolers in Sunday School would love this hands-on representation of the Last Supper. I just may have to do as Grandma did and make one too. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flat Items for Frugal Scrapbooking

I have a list somewhere on this blog of flat ephemera (paper scraps) that I can use on cards and on scrapbook pages. I’m really not into bumpy scrapbooking, but thought I needed a list of other items that would give a little more texture to a page. So here’s my reference list =

atc’s & tags; back stitch; bandage gauze; bicycle license plates; bread-bag tabs; bubble gum or candy wrappers; business cards; blanket stitching, calendar, junk mail, & magazine images; cheesecloth; chicken wire; chipboard puzzle pieces; clock/watch faces; clothing labels; coffee filter snowflakes; cork strips, craft sticks, crimped or crumbled paper, crepe paper bows, crystal laquer, cupcake papers, dental floss, dried tea & spices, dry or heat embossed diecuts, dog tags, drywall mesh, egg dye dippers, embroidery floss, embossed foil, embossed paper, empty teabag envies, empty sweetener bags, envelopes (new & used), eyelets, fabric, faux wax seals; feathers, fibers, fine jewelry chains, fingernail decals, flat charms or earrings, flattened soda cans, foreign coins, game score cards, game markers, garden seed packets, glitter, index or recipe cards, ink-tinted baby wipes or used dryer sheets, keys, lace, leather, library pockets, maps, masking tape, metal conchos; metal-rimmed tags, metal foil tape, mini-file folders, modpodge or glaze, needle threaders, one-layered silk flowers, paint chips, paper packaging images, paper clips, patches, playing cards, pogs, pop can tabs, postcards, produce bag stencil, punchies, rayon seam tape, reinforcement stickers, ribbon, rickrack, rubber stamped images, running stitch, safety pins, sandpaper, sequins, silk leaves, silhouettes, slide or coin mounts, staples, storybook images, suede paper, sewing measurement tape, screen mesh, stickers, sticky notes, thin twine, ticket stubs, torn paper flowers, toy money, travel brochures, tulle, twill tape, used postage stamps, UTEE clear embossing powder, vintage ladies gloves, washers, watch crystals, wire stitches, zigzag stitch