Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Veggie Tale ATC’s.

Today I made Veggie Tale ATC’s for my preschool Sunday School kids attendance chart prizes.
Our kids love stickers, but don’t always know the appropriate places to put them (I remember a few sessions with goo-be-gone! *roll eyes*). Here they get two prizes in one – stickers and a trading card! I used two brands of stickers – Veggie Tales by Big Idea and Redi-Stix Word Stickers by Standard Publishing. Then I just dressed them up with a little marker and stamped an appropriate scripture stamp (Stampin’ Up) on the back of each.
As I made these today, I listened to our local Christian radio station and “Family Talk” came on. Ryan Dobson mentioned that his father, Dr. James Dobson was horse back riding recently, fell off and broke nine bones. I’m thinking of sending him a get well card. How about joining me in prayer for his healing and sending him get well wishes?


  1. Great idea! I'm sure more than one mom will be very pleased with you for having already adhered the stickers! lol These are very cute, and the kids should enjoy them.

  2. These are so fun...love the title too.


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