Friday, September 9, 2011

Bargains Galore

I’ve been shopping for new and gently-used but new-to-us Sunday School stuff at charity/thrift shops, Dollar Tree, Mardels, Michaels (where my son works), US Toys and Walmart. I update or rotate posters and toys from time to time to pique the children’s interest. Also I like shopping creatively. I might not purchase much, but often come away with many FREE ideas percolating in my head.
At Dollar Tree, I found a set of four signs on tongue depressor handles for “Quiet” (looks like a stop sign); “Hold Your Hand Up” (large white glove), and “Line Up Quietly” (footprints) that I rolled through my Xyron 900 ) laminator. It will laminate a 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. We sit at a table during lesson time. Little ones are impulsive, talkative and wiggle, so we practice sitting still (feet on floor, bottom on seats) and being quiet (zip lips and let’s put on our listening ears) when Mrs. Dolores is talking. I thought these would be fun to hold up when ordinary methods fail to work. One time I made huge cardstock ears to wear around my ears (think Ferengi) and wore them to class. It made a huge statement! LOL!
Found a couple of posters at US Toys for my Sunday School classroom and was delighted when asked if I would like to have them laminated for $1.00 each on top of what I paid for them (which was a little cheaper as I have a teacher’s reward discount card). So the blank poster sheet that I was going to use for our memory verse has been converted to a white board which I can use for more than one verse. I was also looking for a poster of all the New Testament Books of the Bible written in large print that I can read from across the room, but haven’t found one yet. I may have to make my own on blank desk name strips. I’m memorizing the books of the New Testament as well as the children. Most don’t read yet, but are learning to recognize different letters and to write their names. We also do a sword drill from time to time --looking up the books of the Bible that they have already memorized in our classroom New Testaments (or their Bible if they remembered to bring it) by matching the name on a flashcard to the word at the top of the page.
Found an idea that I wanted to use for keeping flashcards together and to make a little scrap paper notebooks (ATC size) for a prize [always looking for cheap ($1.00 or less) prizes]. Punch one hole in the middle top or corner of each card and thread a metal book ring through the end. A good way to recycle the blank sides of junk mail and envelopes.
We were at Mardel’s at the right time as they were selling children’s T-shirts for 59 cents on clearance. We just about cleared out their Veggie Tale selection! I also purchased two new figures to the The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Ship toy and an extra lesson teacher’s book from a Veggie Tales VBS curriculum packet on sale for $2.50. I feel like I made out like a bandit! I have coloring sheets for
The Pirates that I pulled from the movie DVD or online.
Saw the cutest hand pointers at Mardel’s. Didn’t buy one as I couldn’t decide whether the kids would try to play with them or not. Also saw that DJ Inkers, the Stick Kids, and Mary Engelbreit have posters and bulletin board borders now! But they weren’t Veggie-Tales!

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