Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Walmart, Are You Listening?

I am really bummed! Last night I went into my local Walmart store to pick up some double-face tape to renew my supply for crafting and for a shoebox party that I’ve been invited to this week and guess what I found? No Scotch brand dispenser refills in the yellow box! Nada! I have a cute little weighted pink & white dispenser that matches my portable crafting bag and the only thing I could find was a itty-bitty clear plastic dispenser with a tiny roll up in the scrapbook section of the store for $5.00. I spent a little more than that on a package of 10 rolls in the box of Scotch Magic Tape. I will admit I am a frugal, thrifty, cheap, bargain-hunter, whatever you want to call it, soul. That’s one reason why I shop at Walmart.
They have been remodeling some of our Walmart stores around here and when I sent my husband after tape, he complained he couldn’t find it, so I thought it wasn’t getting restocked because of the redo, so I’ve been trying to stretch my supply until the remodeling came to an end. Doesn’t everything end eventually? But now I’m desperate and down to one roll.
I not only hate the idea of spending my husband’s hard-earned paycheck on one of those $5.00 dispensers, I can see if a person doesn’t use much tape, only having the one plastic dispenser stashed in the junk drawer, but as a card-maker and scrapbooker, I use a lot of tape and like having the extra refills on hand. Yes, I could buy the tape-runners, but they are almost as expensive, however, I’m tape-runner challenged and so I don’t like them particularly! And then I can’t get around the idea of having those little clear plastic dispensers being thrown into the landfills because they cannot be recycled. That is, not unless they are made of corn-based plastic.  At least the cardboard boxes the tape comes in can decompose.
I like Scotch brand by 3M too. Double-faced tape from the dollar stores and glue sticks aren’t worth the money you spend on them. I don’t like throwing my money away either! They are the unsticky sisters and I don’t like watching my creations fall apart.
Walmart and Scotch, are you listening? I want my Scotch Double-Faced Tape Dispenser Refills in the Yellow Boxes back! Please consider stocking them again! I NEED THEM!
Hey Readers Out There = If you feel as I do, please visit Walmart’s Customer Service  and Scotch to complain!
Maybe the store buyers don’t know tape is our stock and trade and we don’t want to spend BIG BUCKS on little itty-bitty dispensers! Thank you! Sigh. . .

Update from July 11, 2011: When I tried to find my double-faced tape elsewhere, I was told there was a Scotch tape gun, so I went looking for it. Michael's was selling it for $36.00 and it was HUGE and unwieldy in my hand. Needless to say, I did not buy it. Recently, I found a smaller version at Walmart, which is an improvement, however, we still have to refill them from the little plastic tape dispensers.  It also has a sliding yellow safety button on top  that works a cutting blade underneath. Those serrated teeth on most tape dispensers make good knuckle graters! LOL!
I really like the packaging from this new tape-runner too. *wink* I was able to glean some grey plaid tag board which will make an excellent Scottish card background and the clear packaging which I can cut down to use on a shaker card or to die cut  a small stencil!
 June 3, 2015 Update: I received a Michael's coupon in the mail and I went to use it before it expired. Guess what I found? My near-by Michael's is carrying both the dispenser tool above and the Scotch brand double side tape refills in the box!  YIPPEE!  I picked up a 2-box shrink-wrapped package for $7.99.  Michael's also carries the throw-away dispensers for $5.99 a piece, so I saved a little by buying the boxes.


  1. I purchased tape last week and my WM still has the tape dispensers, thank gosh. I like my tape dispenser. Did you try WM web site. They will send site to store. If you go to you can sign up for coupons. You can use them on the scrapbook double sided tape. I know $5 is a big old ouch but in a pinch you can take a few cents off if your down to your last rolls. I use their double side repositionable tape for my acrylic blocks. Do you have a Target near by. Sometimes they carry the tape refills. For a frugal glue stick that goes a long way I love UHU glue stick. I bought mine a couple of years ago and it's still going strong. It's a bit more expensive than regular glue sticks but if you use a 40% coupon at your favorite craft store you can get one super cheap.

  2. Ha ha ha - I do SO hear you! W.M. carries only what THEY want us to buy these days, groceries included! Do you know that most of the stores don't even sell mens handkerchiefs anymore? Don't EVEN get me started on W.M. That's pretty much the ONLY place for us to go within 75 miles for food, craft supplies, etc., and I so resent them doing away with so many products. Sigh....

  3. Target's got'em--about $4. I never would have noticed if I hadn't have read your post!

    Blessings to you and yours! :)


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