Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Baskets & Cards

I made fifteen of these Easter baskets for the kids in my Sunday School class out of the small nut cans. They are like the banks I made earlier. The only thing I did differently was to add two punched holes on the sides of the can and thread in tinsel pipecleaners for the handles. I found tiny goodies to put inside. On most of the medallions, I hot-glued a stamped duck (Stampin' Up) to the front. The duck's bow was colored to match the scrapbook paper.
With odds and ends of scrapbook paper that I had left over, I made these cards from a pinwheel technique I found on my friend's Annette's blog. Can you find the matching striped paper?


  1. Dolores, these are very cute! And yes! I see the matching striped paper on the card. Great work on that.
    If you want to add the same music to your blog that I have, scroll down to the bottom of my blog and you'll see the radio worship music player. Click on the 'get widget' button at the bottom of the 'radio' and you will have a text box show up. Highlight and copy all the info in that box, then go to your Design page in blogger. Click on the 'Gadget' place and choose an HTML/Java Script gadget. Paste the copied info into the box and then place the gadget where you want it on your blog. FYI, you can choose different stations on the radio worship by clicking the bottom button on the circle. I have Christian EZ chosen.

  2. You're welcome! Yes! Won't the rejoicing around the throne be wonderful!

  3. LOVE the pinwheel card! And those Easter baskets are adorable. Blessed Easter to you!

  4. Cute little buckets, what fun little gifts for any kid. :)


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