Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never Alone

Shepherd/Sheep = Highlander Celtic Stamp H-271
Harlequin Diamond Shadow Stamp = Hero Arts D3415 Single Harlequin
Sentiment = Inkadinkado 8825M

Last spring (13 May 2010), I fell in my backyard and broke a disc in my lower back between the 4th and 5th vertebra. It was after the last snow of the season, the ground was soggy from the melt-off and my doggie was being disobedient. Since I was not thrilled with her disobedience, envisioning a muddy dog, I went after her, stepped into a hole and fell flat on my face.
Nothing prepared me for the pain of a broken disc. I’ve had a child and labor pain is over shortly, but I suffered for several months until I could see a surgeon. Pain of that kind takes over one’s life because one is checking the clock constantly to see when one can take the next dose of painkiller that just took the edge off. Trying to find positions or chairs to sit in that didn’t hurt. Being able to sleep on one side that didn’t hurt. It takes away your ability to think. And yet, God was there with me the whole way.
I forgave my dog for her disobedience and am grateful for Jesus’ example of forgiveness and mercy.
He held my hand when I had to slide into the closed MRI tube (I’m very claustrophic) for 20 minutes with my knees and stomach touching the sides.
He was with me when I was diagnosed also with arthritis in my spine and neck as well as vertigo.
He was with me and helped me get through my fear of having pain shots in my spine twice. When I had to have our son by emergency c-section in 1986, I wouldn’t have the epidural, but insisted they put me totally out because of my fear of a needle in my back.
Never alone, I’ve been learning to live with restrictions, although sometimes I chaff under them. I’m not to garden (no bending over for any length of time) or lifting more than 5 pounds. I’m not to play miniature golf (it’s that back & forth swing that’s out) or sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. I can stand up for less than an hour. I cannot lean back to relax on a sofa anymore and am having to walk with a cane outside or on stairs because I’m still wobbly. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, God has showed me that there are things I can still do, like type and design cards and teach my Sunday School class. And I appreciate the things I can do more because I don’t take them for granted any longer. The Lord is my shepherd . . .


  1. You are card is beautiful and so peaceful!! TFS

  2. Oh my goodness, Dolores - you have been through so much. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I pray that you continue to improve. Thanks for joining us this week at Stampin Sisters in Christ Challenge - hope to see you back again next week!

  3. This is so sweet!! Your card, but most importantly your story! What an encouragment you are!! :) Thank you, and God bless you in your journey!! :)

  4. Dolores, your testimony touches my heart. Your card is beautiful and so very meaningful. Thank you so much for sharing this and congratulations on being a shining star!

  5. wow-I was so touched by your incredible story, dolores-I am praying for a complete healing on those broken discs-you know that Jesus still heals today!!
    love your beautiful card-and congrats on being a shining star this week!!

  6. Lovely card, DJ--hang in there, sister!

  7. Thank you for your comments. I am sorry to read about your back trouble and the restrictions it now gives you. Good health is so fragile, yet it is held in God’s hand. I hope he will make you stronger in days to come (if not physically, than spiritually to bear it.).


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