Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bulletin Boards

I made these bulletin boards for my Home Church's Sunday School hallway several years ago.

The first one is a bulletin board for our church's Resource Room where the Sunday School supplies, children, youth, and adult ministries equipment are kept.

I compiled a list of many good virtues/character traits from the Bible such as the fruits of the spirit to make these flap cards on the Honey bee board. I stamped bees on the top of the cards and hive, and stapled them to the bulletin board so that a child or teen could lift them as they passed by.

This was a very popular one. It's my own version of the "I Spy" Books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick. I cut out many pictures from old magazines and stapled them to the bulletin board, then wrote out the verses with a magic marker on a long sheet of shelf paper and sticky-gummed it to the concrete wall next to the bulletin board. We hosted some district teen event the following week after I put it up and they all enjoyed solving the puzzles.

I Spy With My Little Eye
By Mrs. Dolores J. Rush, 2006.

I spy an apple, a leaf, 5 rings,
An orange, a chain, & lips to sing.

I spy a circle, the color green,
A worm, some bugs, & a pair of blue jeans.

I spy a sandwich, a shopping list,
Some juice to drink, & a bracelet on a wrist.

I spy 10 bowls, a stack of blocks,
A teddy bear, and a lock.

I spy the alphabet, the number two,
A bus, a nurse, & a big, fat shoe.

I spy Tony, a bear, a frog
Some sunglasses on a dog.

I spy a rectangle, a cookie, a fish,
A cracker, a vacumn, & a dish.

I spy a girl, I spy a boy
I spy a little, bitty toy.

I spy some peanut butter & a mouse
A glass of milk & a treehouse.

I spy a compass, a hat, a bear,
Two big hearts & a chair.

I spy an egg, a pig with wings
We’ve spied a lot of little things.

I spy Miss Liberty & the time,
I spy the end of this big long rhyme!

I love gingerbread houses and had to make my own version from a cardboard box and construction paper for this bulletin board. To hang it, I screwed a large cup hook into the bulletin board. When I trimmed the flaps off the top of the cardboard along the long sides of the rectanglar box, I cut small U-shaped flaps near one end that was going to be the top of my gingerbread house, bent them into the center back and strung a length of wire between each flap. Kinda like stringing a picture frame. Then I hung my decorated house on the cup hook.


  1. Dawn those look great! I am working on Cub Scouts non uniform display boards right now, I need to make a prototype and then teach to boys how to make them. These are the fun whimsicle inspiration I needed!

  2. You have done an awsome job. God has blessed you with so many talents. Keep up the God work. Your great........................


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