Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shoebox Party

Do you know what a shoebox party is? Well, I was invited to one last week and these are the cards we made during the day. A shoebox party is like a crop for scrapbookers, only this is for cardmakers. Each person brings one or more shoebox(es) filled with a sample card already prepared (I took three boxes) and all the fixings (including adhesive & tools) to make that card in the box along with the directions. So if ten people have been invited to the party, there is enough material in the one shoebox so ten people can make one card from that box, then it is passed on to the next person at the table and so on. Each person has the option to make their card just like the sample card or change it up to suit themselves from the materials at hand and at the end of the day, when everyone has made all the cards, then we get to take them home. We also donated to a potluck luncheon.
There were all levels of expertise represented – very simple cards for beginners to more experienced cardmakers. I made them all plus a template for an envelope. I also took some rubber stamps with me that I no longer wanted to swap & I think most had fun digging through the box. HELLO! I hope everyone remembers that I want Christian type rubber stamps in exchange!
Golly, I had a blast!


  1. What a lovely idea. I really love this! I'm more of an artist trading card type of person and would love to do something like that with that craft.

  2. Great variety of cards. Looks like you had fun. hugs


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