Saturday, May 22, 2010


As I've said before, our Sunday School classroom is decorated in Veggie Tales. Some people go for Disney, but not me, I go for those cute little talking vegetables with no arms or legs like Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. I found the border and a plaque at the thrift store and have accessorized with items as I (or girlfriends) find them. Like for instance, I happened to see Veggie-Tale material at our local Walmart some time ago and sewed two pillows and velour blankets to make our reading center. And yes, those are Veggie-Tale board books in the basket!

Later I found a chili pepper piñata on clearance for three bucks and hot-glued two huge wiggle eyes on it which hangs in the corner over the reading center.

A girlfriend gave me a Veggie-Tale decorated picture frame and I computer-generated the insert which hangs outside our classroom door. I am using the the pictures cut from last years Veggie-Tale calendar as cheap posters in our room and cut out the small ones on the back cover to tape to attendance reward atc's. A Veggie-Tale cup is our pencil holder and a Laura the Carrot hand puppet stands guard over our Veggie-Tale VCR tapes. I've also computer generated some scriptures pertaining to the Fruit of the Spirit (Galations 5:22) and vegetables (Proverbs 15:17) to hang on the walls and found curtains decorated on the bottom with crocheted vegetables at a local salvage store.

Just recently, a couple of my students, in honor of the Lord's day, brought me a huge gift-wrapped box containing the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything ship which I will cherish because of their thoughtfulness. We opened it with excitement and giggles and already have had fun sharing this wonderful toy with our whole class. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Literary Magazines

One of the most enjoyable extracurricular activities I participated in in high school and college was the publication of the campus literary magazine. I wanted to carry that over when our son was homeschooled, so we combined two activities into one in our homeschool support group = a literary magazine and yearbook.
In the samples below, I combined scans of the front covers of each of the publications my poetry were published in along with one poem. (click on photos to enlarge for viewing).



Saturday, May 1, 2010

Digital Color Formulas

To figure out digital color formulas for MS Paint program similar to your favorite markers,  pencils or watercolors, either scribble or paint on dead white paper, then scan, and import the scan into your MS Paint program and let the eyedropper tool figure out the formulas for you. Then save the formulas in a WordPad document and you have your favorite colors ready to go.

For example: I scanned my favorite marker colors. I wanted the approximate colors. Cap colors are not the exact color usually, but it indicates what's inside and is a more intense hue. I cleaned my scanner screen, set the resolution settings to color at 300 dpi (most magazines use this level), removed the lid, and covered the markers on the screen with my black screen box (bottom of shirt box exact size of screen; lined with black cardstock) and scanned them. Then I imported the scan into the MS Paint Program.
Click on eyedropper tool on sidebar, move cursor over to the area on the marker lid with the most light on it, and click. Move up to "colors" on toolbar, then scroll down to "edit colors" and "define custom colors." The color formula should pop out for you.
Here are three color formulas that I came up with for the markers above. Mind you, these are close to the right colors and will change depending on where the eyedropper is used on the scan. Save the ones you like best.

Rose Romance
Hue, 226; Red, 187
Sat., 75; Green, 125
Lum., 147; Blue, 146

Barely Banana
Hue, 34; Red, 228
Sat., 147; Green, 216
Lum., 174; Blue, 142

Mellow Moss
Hue, 43; Red, 160
Sat., 27; Green, 162
Lum., 141; Blue, 138
Click on "color," "edit color", then move the cursor over to one space of "custom colors", click, open "color definitions," then type in your formula, "add to custom colors" and click ok.

Straight Talk

“be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” ~ Romans 12:2

Encouragement doesn’t come easily to me because of old familial patterns though I always seemed to know who to run to for comfort; my “Je Je”.
Formerly an elementary school teacher, mom said “Je-Je” was my first word. She knew it was a word, because my pudgy little finger pointed to a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall over my changing table.
Many times I’ve envied those people, as I struggle to unlearn old habits, who are diplomatic and know how to edify others without being critical. The Father of all language, gracious & merciful, longs for my cry for help. His lap is wide and generous and His arms cradle me gently. When I’ve been unkind, He understands and forgives. He helps me over the hump of hurt and restores my hope and confidence by encouraging and strengthening me, the very thing I long to be able to do as well as He.

Prayer: Je-Je, set me on the right path, aiming straight towards righteousness. Help me cast off wrong attitudes and clothe me in goodness and grace. Renew my mind and honey my lips. Thank you for your voice behind me (Isaiah 30:21) comforting me and encouraging me along the Way. Amen!

Today’s Quote:
"One way we creatively show our caring for one another is by the giving of greeting cards. Using cards as a vehicle of communication, we can spread God's love in a beautiful, meaningful, and memorable manner. The words and creative presentations we share through greeting cards can be quite significant, even life altering and profound." ~ Sue Banker.