Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Karen came over today and look what she made for me! I picked out the design and she put it together for me. Isn't it cute? Reminds me of Mary Engelbreit's cherries! I have a tiny cherry punch that we used to punch twice -- once for the green stem and leaf and again for the red cherries. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! :)


  1. Just beautiful and will look lovely on you, too.

  2. Cuteness! What a nice friend you have! Varnas right...it will look pretty on you! I think Karen knows what you like! Hope all is well :-)

    1. Yep, Karen does! Thank you for stopping by, Patti. Hope you are well also! :)

  3. What a cute punch that must be and a great necklace you have created. I just looked up Stinktree and that sure does sound like a lot of work to get rid of. Especially, since it spreads from the seeds and the roots. Good luck.


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