Saturday, December 7, 2013

Old Craft Advertising

I've been transcribing old magazines, older than 1963, for the Missouri State Genealogical Society's Journal. I've been enjoying the read as I look at the old craft ads. Below are samples of some of them. I bet Tim Holtz would like them too! If they are hard to read, click on them with your mouse to get an enlarged view.



  1. Oh how fantastic. I like the one about 'electrifying your sewing machine'. I have seen places online in Australia that ask for people to transcribe old newspapers etc. I have thought when things slow down a bit in a couple of years that is what I would do. I can imagine it would be very interesting.

  2. Ther is some good old adverts there DJ, and just perfect for collage cards.
    hugs from across the pond Joan

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