Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's Dis?

A TV show called "Ask This Old House" ( has a segment in which they have a curious household or tool gizmo. One person knows what it is, but asks the other guys to guess and they all tell tall tales about its purpose. Well I found a gadget while junking this last weekend because the hubby was looking for some cheap camo clothes.

It's wooden, slides forward and back, looks like it has a long metal needle at the end and is labeled "TRU-GYDE by Wilson Brothers, Springfield, Missouri." I think I know what it's for, but can you guess?


  1. Darn, I thought someone would have commented so I could find out what it is. It certainly looks interesting. Just had to google and now I am wiser. :-)

  2. After googling my guess is this has to do with rug making. Would love to see one in action one day.

  3. It IS an antique of some sort - they don't make this quality of things much anymore! I have an antique meat slicer that looks similar to this, but has an upright blade assembly also. I'm waiting on pins and needles to know what it actually IS!

    1. My hubbin found it on ebay and it is seems to be a hooking rug tool!


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