Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Suburban Summer’s Evening

Mildred’s alphabetic “Get-to-Know-Me” post reminded me of a free verse poem that I wrote some time ago in the alphabetic style. Lend an ear . . .

A Suburban Summer’s Evening
By Dolores J. Rush

Air conditioner’s humming
Bugs biting. . . slap!
Birds chirping
Breeze blowing
Crickets creaking
Dogs barking
Eyes waving goodbye.
Fireflies blinking
Gas lamps glowing
Heat dancing
Highway singing
Ice melting
Junebugs buzzing
Kids crying
Lawnmowers grazing
Leaves blowing kisses goodnight.
Mosquitoes whining
Night graying
Opossums creeping
People laughing
Raccoons raiding
Streetlamps shining
Shadows playing
Sun blushing
Trains whistling sweet dreams . . .
Underarms stretching
Uvula’s peeping
Venetian blinds whooshing
Wet dirt scenting
Windchimes tinkling
X’s smooching
You fading
And Z’s sleeping!


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