Monday, April 30, 2012

Ribbon & Silk Embroidery Display Cases

My husband & I stopped at the Keeper’s Antique Mall off 71 Hwy in Harrisonville, MO. last Saturday and we found these wonderful antique display cases. The first one is a Corticelli Silk Cabinet for Sewing and Knitting. The last few drawers still had the wooden separators for the tiny balls of silk thread.
And then, hubby uncovered this clever ribbon display case in the back of the antique shop. It was a circular wooden case on a turntable at the base of it. The sales clerk could open each side to change the galvanized metal spools of ribbon as needed. The ribbon was inserted into slots cut into the sides and if you wanted to purchase a length of ribbon, all the sales clerk had to do was to pull out the little stop knob to release the specific spool and pull on the ribbon until you had the amount you wanted, then she released the little knob and it sprung back into place to hold the spool still while she cut it. I have an up close photo so you can see the knobs and slots below.

You know, I was drooling! I love ribbon and laces and could imagine my ribbon & laces which are currently housed in shoeboxes fluttering in the air as I twirled the cabinet around to select one in my studio, but the bubble above my head burst when I saw the price tag. It was not to be! Sigh! 

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  1. What a great find but I know how expensive these antiques can be. Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a good day!


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