Saturday, February 4, 2012


Did you know that you can find if someone has pinned something from your blog on Pinterest? I didn't know what that even was until this morning when I went to visit MerryMade Cards and Crafts blog. Pinterest is an online pinboard. I just had to have a try and my search came up with one of my creations pinned there. . . my honeybee bulletin board. I'm so tickled somebody thought enough of it to even pin it up! :)

So all you have to do is:
type this URL into your browser: BLOGS'S URL/

Mine is:

Have fun.

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  1. It is such fun isn't it and yes, a real thrill to see that someelse has enjoyed your work. Thanks for your lovely comments over my way. No they weren't intended as inchies on my calendar page but could quite easily be. :-)


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