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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Use for Fun Foam

The sealing ring on the blender I use for making homemade paper came up missing recently. I looked up the appliance papers to see if I could order another one from the company, but drats, no phone number or address. I remember that the sealing ring was like a piece of flexible rubber, but what could I use to replace it? First, I tried making one from a plastic oatmeal cannister lid, but it still leaked like a sieve. Rubber, rubber? What do I have at home that looks like rubber. Ahh! Fun Foam. Trace around the base of the blender jug without the cutting blades attached on both the plastic lid and fun foam and cut out. Stack both together, with the plastic ring next to the blender jug base and screw cutting blades on. Add water to the jug and viola, it should work like a dream.
I also thought that this might work for those of you who purchased an old blender for making paper from a thrift store or garage sale and found the sealing ring missing too.


  1. Awesome idea! Never would have thought of that.

  2. I found out today that Mar-bek's carry several brand name replacement parts for blenders.

  3. that is a great tip! Also you can by sheets of rd rubber from the hardware store in the plumbing section, it is called plumbers gasket and it is made for making replacement seals just like the one on your blender. It is great for stamps too!

  4. Walmart sells the "gasket” for the blenders! They work the best being rubber!

  5. Well, when one has no moula, but does have oatmeal cannister lids and fun foam in one's craft stash, one makes do! :)


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