Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I’ve Been Junkin’ Again!

Mound City, Kansas is well-known in these parts for their huge craft festival every fall and their Civil War battle site. However, I just found out that there is a new store in town, on Main Street that we’re going to have to go check out. It’s called “Treasure Hunters Cove” and is a consignment thrift gift shop. It’s run by sisters Kim and Vicki and has only been open a couple of months.
I ran into Vicki last Saturday while we were thriftin’. She was on a shopping trip herself and digging through a bin of pictures. I moseyed up to the bin and asked if there was any Mary Engelbreit pictures in there and she replied that she didn’t know who that was. Ever once in a while, I’ll take a fancy to talk to some total stranger in a store and have met some very nice people that way. I found a Mary Engelbreit book farther back in the store and since Vicki hadn’t left yet, I had to introduce ME to her at the cash register.
I became acquainted with Mary Engelbreit’s work through her greeting cards in a quilt shop on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas several years ago and I’ve loved her nostalgic style ever since. I’ve acquired 18 ME coffee mugs and tea cups, plus a very nice cake plate, a tin Easter basket, two ME/JC Penny tin boxes, salt and pepper shakers, a plant pot, a few rubber stamps, stationary, and several ME books plus bookmarks and bookplates, most from secondhand shops and as gifts. I’m also looking to outfit my kitchen, so have been hunting for items to theme.
My hubbin has the patience of Job and was such a gentleman as he opened the door to gently nudge Vicki and I towards our vehicles as we swapped information. She had been a Sprint graphic designer and did portraits on the side, but decided to pursue a dream to open this store with her sister. I wish her well. You all will have to stop in and say howdy when you are in the area. She said she believes there may be a gallon-sized zip sack of rubber stamps in her store at the moment if anyone is interested!

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