Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ribbon Iron & Ironing Board

Since I save all the used ribbons that come my way and have purchased bundled, spooless odd lots at a local children’s museum teacher’s resource room, one year I asked Santa for a ribbon iron and my son purchased this Tulip Mini Fashion Iron for me. It’s so light and easy to whip out from the little zippered pink makeup bag (also purchased from thrift store) to iron those ribbons flat. I found the cute little ironing board for $2.50 at a our local salvage store. It’s for ironing collar and cuff seams when sewing clothing, but it makes a dandy counter ironing surface instead of having to drag out my big ironing board to set up. If your husband is handy in the workshop, he might be able to saw you a little ironing board from a picket fence board (16” long) which you could cover the top with old cut up potholders to give it a little padding, topping with fabric and stapling it on. The legs on mine are like the big ironing board legs that let it fold up flat, but your hubbin could attach dowel rod legs that screw on to the bottom. I would also slip on rubber chair tips on the ends of the legs so they don’t mar your counter surface & would give it a little gripping power as well.

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  1. How perfect is that little have a terrific set up.


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