Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homemade Dye Spray

Purchase 2 ounce makeup bottles from Walmart  for as many colors as you think you will need. Next, fill them with water. Then add 30 drops of re-inker, shake it to mix and spray many backgrounds for your stash. Have fun playing and experiment with various color combinations.
In addition, make a  spray paint “booth” out of a cardboard box (abt. 15 x 15 inches) by cutting off the flaps and lining the very back (bottom of box) with wax paper so there isn't any accidental spray leakage from there to your work surface.
I recently saw a bottle of similar solution at a scrapbook store for $13.00. 
Postscript: You can also use a few drops of acrylic paint to water, however, be sure to rinse the nozzle with water after using it as the paint may clog it up.

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  1. Great the idea of your own "spray booth" too. How wonderful you having a Lake not far from you. Yes, they are hills/mountains in the background. We back onto The Great Dividing Range which runs the length of Queensland, through New South Wales and down into Victoria. Hope the storms ease up on you.


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