Saturday, June 25, 2011

Craft Bits Swap

I used to belong to a once-a-month atc craft club and initiated an atc craft bits exchange with all the members for something fun to do. You can get rid of the stuff you don't want or have way too much of and get some "new" supplies. I took sandwich sized zip bags stuffed full of crafts bits I had saved to show them what I was willing to swap and gave them a slip of paper with the rules posted. We set the date for the following month in which to trade. I made enough bags for everyone to have one plus one or two extras. Some of my bags even had small rubber stamps.

ATC Goodie Bag Exchange Rules
1. Must use a sandwich size bag to fill with goodies that can be used on an ATC (artist trading card).
2. Goodies must be things that you have at home (however, if you purchase something today and have it at home when you fill the bags, then that will count! *wink*)
3. Goodies may be new or slightly used, but nothing wet or stinky.
4. Bring your goodie bags to our next ATC meeting to exchange.
5. Our friendly scrapbook shopkeeper is exempt from this exchange unless she wants to participate.

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