Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tip: Cheap Mounting Foam

EZ Mount is a convenient way to mount foam on the back of unmounted stamps as it is combined all in one package –sticky back, foam, & plastic backing, however, I find it rather expensive for my pocketbook when I can find it. So I began to look for substitutes and have found one that satisfies me. I found most of my materials at Micheals = a sticky back foam sheet, Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over Glue and a cheap paintbrush. Across the street at Walmart, I found 54” wide clear plastic sheeting back in the craft section by Kittrich Corporation, La Mirada, CA. 90638. One yard of the lightest or medium weight vinyl has lasted me quite a while.
After I trim the extra rubber around the image on the unmounted stamps, I paint the backs of the rubber with a thin coat of the tack-it glue and let it dry until clear. Hold the stamp by the edges because the tack-it is extremely sticky and mount it on the plain side of the foam sheet.. Cut the stamp out close to your trimmed sides of the rubber, remove the paper from the sticky side and place on the clear vinyl sheet, making sure the vinyl is laying flat. Smooth air bubbles out. I trim the vinyl ¼” from foam. The only trouble I’ve had with this method is sometimes the vinyl sheet will not cling well to the acrylic mount especially when the air is winter dry and then I do the old cook’s method of wetting the acrylic mount with a little water on my finger.

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