Thursday, January 22, 2015

Studio Shed Storage

Since the craftin' barn was built, I've been busy looking for storage solutions in my half of the building (the other half my hubbin has claimed for a library/office). We've been making trips to thrift shops to purchase shelving units, office equipment and other odds and ends. I even began a board on Pinterest for interesting storage ideas that might work for my barn. On one wall, my hubbin put up a pegboard for me and Harbor Freight had the necessary post hardware to insert into the holes.
I have kept rubber stamps in shoeboxes, in dishwasher tubs, and shirt-sized gift boxes, disposable plastic mother-board clam-shell boxes (a computer part abt the size of a sandwich) my hubbin saved for me from work stacked on an old VHS video shelf in my kitchen. However when my husband was laid off from his computer warehouse job in August 2011, I've taken to storing my stamps in reclaimed plastic VHS clamshell boxes on a bookshelf in my new studio shed. The posts inside the box can be removed with a rotary craft knife.
It's getting there. 


  1. Great idea--the shelf looks just the right size!

  2. those boxes are about the same size as SU boxes, a great option if you do not want to break up the sets! Great idea! I had some of my stamps in CD cases and I tried a shelf like that but unded up getting rid of it because where I scrap (the basement) the floor was too uneven and the rack was very tipsy.

  3. Looking very organised and you have a terrific collection of crafty goodies. Somehow I missed seeing this post in my feed. Weird, hopefully just a blogger hiccup. :-) Have a good weekend.

  4. great storage ideas. Shelves are wonderful ways to store items. When you're into crafts, storage is very important. thanks for sharing your ideas :)


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