Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diecut & Sticker Storage

I was looking for an easy way to store my extra diecuts, stickers, and assorted stamped images in one place. My husband worked in a computer warehouse and at that time brought me a bunch of extra CD envies home that they were going to throw out. I repurposed them to hold my extra bits and pieces in this shoebox. As I've been digging through some of my drawers in my craft corner for the extras that I've squirreled away, this box has gotten fatter and fatter, so much so that I think I'm gonna have to divide it into two – one for card bits and another for scrapbook ephemera.

Update: Since I have moved into my craft barn, this one box has bloomed into several more baskets full of goodies. (look under the label "craft barn" for a photo of a stuffed corner cabinet). I've divided them into my general ephemera that can be used on cards, journals, and atc's (artist trading cards) and then ones that are strictly acid-free scrapbooking embellishments.


  1. I think I have some of those envelopes, I wonder where they came from.
    this is a great idea. I think I will have to get some clear, larger envelopes also for my bigger stuff and do the same thing. thanks,

  2. McGyver is alive and well, but living a more subdued life as a crafty craft lady in Grandview, MO!

    Love it!

    The Observer


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