Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tool Tip

I love all the newest gadgets, but can't always afford them. So the next best thing is to crank up the ole creativity and repurpose an old gadget into a new one. I found this stainless steel holder thingie at a thrift store for about 50 cents (I had no idea what it was in it's old life at the time, but later my husband told me he thought it might have held pipes, you know the smoking kind). Anyway, I brought the new-to-me gadget home, cleaned the dust off of it, looked it over (it revolves!) and added a few things to it and wha-la – on the top shelf, it holds all kinds of scissors, hole punches, pliers, a hammer in the center, and in the bottom spaces where I guess the bowls of the pipes went, is just the perfect size for embossing powder jars. And it has a handle in the center, so if I need to move it to clean off my table (yeah, right, in the next century), I can!

P.S. The above might also be a revolving spice rack. Looks very similar to something I saw at a thrift store this last weekend with all the jars in it. This is the mark on the bottom -- MADE IN CHINA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MMII M, KAMANSTEIN, INC., ELMSFORD, NY10523

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  1. You are so good at finding alternative uses for things you find. Come do my room. LOL


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