Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Purse Tip

I really like those fanny packs, only worn around in front. You know the kind that snaps around your waist and leaves your hands free, but all the essentials are there. As a BBW, it wasn't easy to find one with a belt long enough and when I finally found one, I eventually couldn't wear it because I developed a pinched nerve, caused by a spur, in my back & hip. So I had to resort to other measures. I don't like purses with dinky little handles and with my rolling shoulders, the longer straps would slide off, so I got to wearing them over my head across my chest with the purse hung up in the armpit area and choking off a boob when I had to have my hands free for shopping. Not a pretty sight mind you, nor very comfortable.
So I went shopping and found a purse with a handle that was adjustable at a garage sale (50 cents). The strap looked like a belt with a buckle which came apart. It only had one hole in the end, so I punched a couple more with my crop-a-dile hole punch. Still it wasn't long enough, so I went up to our local thrift store, found a small girl's belt for 99 cents, tried it to make sure it would slide through the buckle on my purse, cut off the end, added a few more holes and wha-la! I can wear my new purse in comfort on my hip where it belongs. Wow! Can't beat a new purse for $1.50!

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